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Insufficient facts always invite danger.   

We often believe exactly what we want to believe, confusing ignorance with freedom and knowledge with subjugation. Yet the truth remains that blindly following someone or something because you want it to be true does not make it true, or as Mr. Spock so eloquently stated; Insufficient facts always invite danger.  

The Day America Died

We were too busy fighting among ourselves to notice what was happening. A nation divided where the country took a back seat to party. Corruption carried out in plain sight, and a blind eye turned to it in the name of a party. Division and hate among racial, ethnic, and religious lines became the mantra of the powerful and was used as a weapon to turn and divide us against each other. It was too easy; we were simply pawns to be moved around the board and casually sacrificed when needed to protect the elite’s power and money.
Blinded by their lust for greed and power, they didn’t see that while they were playing us, they were being played. Outsiders used social media to control the narrative; then, they used that narrative to corrupt our political system. Our leaders profited and gained power because of these actions and chose to look the other way. Individuals who tried to shine a light on what was happening had their patriotism questioned. They were branded as traitors and shouted down by the masses whose perception of reality had been manipulated through the false and misleading reporting from certain “news” networks and larger than life personalities. Networks and personalities were all too happy to do so to ensure their ratings stayed high and their pockets remained fat.
At the same time, our global influence began to erode. Russia became the leading voice in the Middle East. China and North Korea started to exert control of the whole of Asia. Seizing on growing discontent in many South and Central American countries, Russia and China used their economic resources to back revolutions that overthrew governments and installed governments friendly to them, thus gaining a strategic advantage in the western hemisphere.
America and Europe were besieged by terrorist attacks launched from South America, the Middle East, and Asia. Our ability to track down the organizations responsible is extremely compromised. Sending troops into those regions would have spread us too thin and vulnerable to the Russian, China, North Korea alliance. Oil production was disrupted, and our international trade was virtually halted, leaving us reeling economically. As our economy grew weaker and we became more fearful of the next terror attack, we did not bond together; just the opposite, we became more divided. Pointing fingers at each other and fighting over our dwindling resources.
It was amid such chaos that we could only stand by and watch as Russia rolled into Eastern Europe; China into India and Pakistan; North Korea into South Korea and Japan; each daring us to retaliate. The thought of a nuclear strike was floated but was never carried out with the understanding that it was a line we could never come back from. A couple of years went by, and our situation grew worst, and then the inevitable happened; that day, most of us feared but right up until it happened didn’t think it was possible. Russian troops invaded from the north through Alaska and Canada and from the south with the help of their new South and Central American allies. It was over in a blink of an eye; we barely put up a fight. The day the red, white, and blue was replaced up top the White House with the white, blue, and red of the Russian flag is etched in the minds of those who were around to witness it, and to this day, it remains the darkest and saddest day in the history of the former United States of America.
Abraham Lincoln’s prophecy had come true “If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time or die by suicide.”.

How Could We Not See It Coming

The year is 2040 and in retrospect I wonder why we were all surprised at the fall of America. How could we have been? It had been in the making for the last 25 years.

As a people we turned a blind eye to our leader’s corruption, so there was no one to turn to when we inevitable became victims of that corruption.

As a people we let our leaders lie to us about any and everything, so there was no one to trust when we inevitable became victims of those lies.

As a people we cheered when our leaders undermined our worldwide alliances claiming to put America first, big, and bad we said, so there was no one willing to help us when we were in trouble.

As a people we embraced our leader’s rejection of the constitution, a document that had served us well for over 200 years, so there should have been no surprised when our government inevitably collapsed.

In retrospect how could we not have seen it coming.


They say what’s good for the goose is good for the gander and what goes around comes around. 

Ever wonder what  kind of country we would be if we all played by Donald Trump’s rules of engagement and just made stuff up about him?

Not a very good one I suspect. 

Trump’s blatant lies about President Obama are well documented here are just a few that he states WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL:

In 2011 Trump said “somebody” told him Obama might be hiding his birth certificate because it might identify him as a Muslim.  Not that this is a bad thing even if it were true but that’s a discussion for another day  

In 2014 Trump tweeted “Obama sent weapons to ISIS through Benghazi yet holding up shipments to Israel”

In 2015 Trump said “they actually think Obama hates Israel. I think he does”

The clear implication in all of this was that Trump was attempting to portraying Obama as anti-Semitic WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL  

So if we as a country dropped to his level and played in the gutter using Trump’s own rules of engagement would it be wrong to say WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL:

That Trump is German and “somebody” told me he is a believer in Hitler’s master race theory

That Trump is secretly arming white militias around America

That Trump has secretly told white nationalist to prepare for a coming race war and that when it’s over America will be cleansed of it’s black and brown problem and America will be great again.

I’m just wondering because Trump has, with the help of Fox News, been given carte blanche to say whatever he wants about whoever he wants WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL to verify the validity of his statements and smears on a person’s career and character and  yet many in his base take his statements to be true. So why can’t we do the same to him? Oh yeah that really wouldn’t be American now would it?

The truth still counts for something and we should all reject statements made WITH NO EVIDENCE AT ALL