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How do I know?

How do I know I love you?

I know because I would choose to walk through the raindrops with you by my side than bask in the sunshine with someone else.

That’s how I know I love you.

Letter to an ex

Life’s too short to hide your feelings, better to bare your heart and soul than to wake every morning the rest of your life with regret. So let me be brutally honest I am still very much in love with you; I miss everything about you – the sound of your voice, your breath taking beauty, your dazzling smile, your mesmerizing eyes and the sweet taste of your kiss. But most important I miss having you, the woman I love there everyday when I wake up.

It always amazed me – the connection I felt the very first moment I kissed you. Love at first kiss – YES!! When I looked in your eyes after that first kiss I knew you were the only one I would ever want to spend my life with. You are my best friend, my lover, the person I have given the key to my heart.  My love for you has no end of the day – for my love for you is everlasting. I do not need others to confirm this I only need to know what is in my heart. Despite our time apart that feeling has not changed, in fact it has only intensified and I very much regret letting other things get in the way of me showing that to you everyday.

I’m not asking you to go back to how it was. Rather I’m asking you to go forward, to a new start, a new beginning. I hope that in your heart somewhere a little bit of “us” still exist. I know I am not perfect I know I made some terrible mistakes and I am very sorry for them, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t deeply regret them. But I have heard it said the past does not erase the future, you learn from your mistakes and become a better person So I ask that you consider reopening your heart to a future with me, That you allow me to show you that I am in fact still very much the man you fell in love only better having learned from my mistakes. Open your heart once again to us and I will ensure that each and every day of our lives will be nothing short of a remarkable and passionate love affair.

It’s you

I check my phone every few minutes for your text
I listen to songs the remind me of you
I close my eyes and I see your smile
I miss you every minute you are away
You have awaken my soul
You have given me strength
You have opened my heart to the joy of true love
You bring me true happiness
I count the minutes until I see you again
I can’t wait for when I can hold you again
You are my everything
I love you

Our search is over

Our search is over. We have finally found each other. The hurt from past relationships having molded us into who we are today. Not two bitter souls but two individuals who learned from and gained strength from heartbreak. Two hearts that were broken having healed and ready to love again. We know that life is better when shared with someone we love who loves us back and it is through our past heartbreak that we appreciate each other that much more. Your very presence, the sound of your voice, the touch of your hand, comforts my very soul. It sometimes seem that we have known each other forever and while that isn’t true I can never see myself without you again. You are not simply my lover you are my best friend. The person who supports my dreams and keeps me moving forward in times of adversity. You always listen to me and provide me with a shoulder to lean on when needed. Each night I hold you close to my heart. Each morning I smile when your face is the first thing I gaze upon. Our love for each other so strong that others can just glance at us and feel it. Our search is over and I couldn’t be happier.

The Idea of America

Take a second today to place your hand over your heart and recite a pledge that would truly make America great

I pledge allegiance to the idea that is the United States of America, one people united under the banner of humanity, indivisible regardless of race, religion, gender, economic status and sexual orientation, with liberty and justice for all.

I Love You – Not Just A Mechanical Wave Of Pressure

I love you.

Just three little words but the sound of them can be so powerful they can awaken the deepest emotions in anybody. But let’s step back for a second and think about this. When someone says I love you what is that really? What are you experiencing at the very momeWave of pressurent you hear it? Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever looked back with your heart in a million pieces and realized when they said I love you they really didn’t mean it? You see when someone says I love you all you are experiencing at that moment is the sound of their voice nothing more nothing less. And what is the sound of their voice? It is simply a vibration that propagates as a mechanical wave of pressure and displacement through some medium such as air or water. Not very romantic is it? Not really and it’s certainly not something you should give you heart away for.

Truthfully, for I love you to have any power it never can be in just the utterance of the words. For it to have any true meaning it has to also be exhibited in the actions one shows another. Actions that bring it life, Actions that bring it a feeling of emotions no words could ever match. The actions don’t have to be big and bold, just the smallest will do. The trading of a smile across a crowded room; the holding of a hand on a crowded street; the look in your eye when you see them for the first time that day; Small actions, unconscious actions, actions that likely go unnoticed to all in the crowd but the two of you. But actions when shared between you and the person you love scream I love you. No words uttered, no sound passing through the air. That’s what I love you really is and that without a doubt is better than any mechanical wave of pressure and displacement ever could be.