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Our search is over

Our search is over. We have finally found each other. The hurt from past relationships having molded us into who we are today. Not two bitter souls but two individuals who learned from and gained strength from heartbreak. Two hearts that were broken having healed and ready to love again. We know that life is better when shared with someone we love who loves us back and it is through our past heartbreak that we appreciate each other that much more. Your very presence, the sound of your voice, the touch of your hand, comforts my very soul. It sometimes seem that we have known each other forever and while that isn’t true I can never see myself without you again. You are not simply my lover you are my best friend. The person who supports my dreams and keeps me moving forward in times of adversity. You always listen to me and provide me with a shoulder to lean on when needed. Each night I hold you close to my heart. Each morning I smile when your face is the first thing I gaze upon. Our love for each other so strong that others can just glance at us and feel it. Our search is over and I couldn’t be happier.

The Idea of America

Take a second today to place your hand over your heart and recite a pledge that would truly make America great

I pledge allegiance to the idea that is the United States of America, one people united under the banner of humanity, indivisible regardless of race, religion, gender, economic status and sexual orientation, with liberty and justice for all.