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It’s The Actions Not The Words

I love you.
We must have said those three little words to each other a thousand times, and I won’t speak for you, but those words, when told by you to me, are so powerful they awaken my deepest emotions.
I’ve often wondered how the sound of three little words can bring me so much happiness? Then it hit me; it’s when I hear you say them; I know you mean it.
When I look back at past relationships, I realize that when others said I love you, they didn’t mean it? When they said those words, it was the sound of their voice, nothing more, nothing less. It was just a sound, a vibration that broadcast itself as a mechanical wave of pressure and displacement through the air. Now that’s not romantic, and it’s certainly not something I should have given my heart away to.
But with you, I love you is not just the utterance of words; it’s your actions that bring those words to life. Like when we trade smiles across a room. When you instinctively grab for my hand in a crowd. That look in your eye when you wake up beside me each morning; Small unconscious actions that likely go unnoticed to everyone else but me. Actions that say I love you without any words, no sound passing through the air. I hope my actions speak the same to you because there is no doubt in my heart that I love you