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The seconds are fleeting

The final bows have been taken, the stage lights begin to dim, and the curtain comes down. It was just me alone in a quiet and empty room, and now with no need to pretend this mask I can remove.
The mask, my face to the world, hides my true feelings, my real emotions. Alone and without my mask, I can be who I am, if only just for a few fleeting seconds.
A single tear rolls down my face as I envision your smile, and while I know you’re not there, I still reach out for your hand to pull you close to me, to feel your touch, to look into your eyes and tell you that I love you one more time.
If only in my mind.
If only for these fleeting seconds.
I can hear them now, the crowd settling back in, and your hand begins to slip from mine. The stage lights flicker, and my mask is back in place; the curtain rises, the show must go on, and our seconds, well, our seconds were only fleeting, and now they are gone.


The needs of the few

I close my eyes and listen for the silence. I have subconsciously transported my soul, my inner self, to another level. A level where I am all alone, where nothing or no one can touch me. It is here where I find my peace unburdened by expectations, free to speak, even if no one is listening, my feelings, unafraid of what obstacle a higher power has deemed I must jump over this time. Here I feel free a sense of calm. There is no show to put on for others, no feelings to hold on to so as not to offend others, no worries about the next setback. Here I can just be me. But I know I can not stay in this place. So I open my eyes and the light shines through, the noise is all around and I am transported back to reality. It is back to who I am or who I pretend to be. Others will live their lives unencumbered by who I’m really am. They will live with only a hint of the true me that slips out from time to time. I guess that is the way it must be for as Mr. Spock once said the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and I am the few.

A New Day

11:57 PM

Just three minutes left, the day’s end rapidly approaches. I’ll allow myself one last look back to mourn what was lost but also to rejoice at what was gained. But only a moment will I take because a new day is dawning and my canvass is blank.

11:58 PM

Only two minutes left and uncertainty is all around. What will the new day bring? What if I’m not ready and does it really matter if I am or not? It does not matter move ahead I must because a new day is dawning and my canvass is blank.

New day


11:59 PM

Now less than a minute to go the countdown has begun. Ten seconds nine seconds, it is time to pick up my brush their is no looking back now, no fear of what lays ahead, no time to waste because a new day is dawning and my canvass is blank.

12:00 AM

Midnight! Time to let my mind run free, let my dreams be my guide, My brush grazes the canvass and it is no longer blank, it starts to come to life. There are no rules now, no boundaries on what it can be only what my mind may think and where my dreams dare say I can go.

A new day has dawned and my canvass is no longer blank.