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The Journey

I traveled the long road through the tunnel of despair, depression and self-doubts, and emerged a better person. The journey while difficult was worth it because  you must look despair squarely in the eye to find yourself and at the of my journey I had rediscovered myself.  I realized that receiving the accolades of others, being recognized for my achievements may have made me happy but was not the key to my happiness.  I realized that while I was looking for validation from society the only validation I needed is from with-in. Gone was the fear of failure because I may fail again and its place was the resolve to move forward and seize the possibilities the future holds. I no longer put on a face for the world to believe I was happy but show my real face because I am happy. For in traveling the road back I found the keys to being truly happy, belief  in myself and what I can accomplish. The journey may have been arduous but it helped me to find the strength to discover myself and to believe in my potential.


The dreams of childhood

We had no choice when we were conceived but once life is given to us we are given the choice of if we truly want to live it to its fullest. For too many of us life slowly devolves from the dreams of childhood to the commonplace existence of adulthood.  Many of us have made the conscious decision not to live our lives but to simply exist within the confines of society’s definition of who and what we should be. Afraid to be who we are for fear of others reactions to it. But it is true that if we accept this type of existence we cease to grow and the entire point of living is to grow each day, to reach for and cultivate the potential that resides within each of us. The question we must ask ourselves is do we want to grow, do we still believe in those childhood dreams. If we answer honestly we would say yes we want those dreams that were extinguished as we entered adulthood.  Dreams that were replaced by the so called practical mindset favored by the masses. The same masses who drudge their way through a colorless existence. But we are not meant to live a colorless existence. Our lives are meant to be represented by the full spectrum of color. But if we continue being honest with ourselves we would have to admit that many of us are afraid to step out of the box.  So now the unclear question is how do we get there? How do we reject society’s image of what we want to be? It is not an easy answer it requires an unwavering belief in one self and abilities. The fearlessness to take that step off the cliff and believe you will fly when most will tell you man is not meant to fly. But what you must understand is those who tell you can’t fly neither have the self confidence to believe they can or the fearlessness to try. It is your belief in yourself that will not only allow you to fly but soar with eagles. Gone will be the colorless mundane of a life you were drudging through replaced by a life filled with vibrant colors we seek and new possibilities every day.

Never Say Never…Unless

They say never say never but I have learned  that’s not true. For example

Never let others define you.
Define yourself. Let society define the masses while you remain true to yourself and who and what you strive to be.

Never let others set your limits.
Don’t let go of your dreams.  Dream of the infinite possibilities you are capable of and then reach for them, life is too short to be contained inside a box.

Never let someone else opinion determine your own opinion  of your self worth.
Undoubtedly by now you have determined that you cannot please everyone, even if you live a righteous life. Once you have accept that fact only your opinion of your self-worth matters will you find happiness.

Never dwell in the past.
Do not run from it, hide from it, or pretend it does not exist. The past both good and bad played a prominent role in what you are today. Rather learn from it, grow from it, gain strength from it and then let it go and move on. Life exist in the now you should too.

Never chase after someone who has left you and never beg anyone to be with you.
Rather simply understand if they do not possess the superior intellect to realize their good fortune in having you in their life than logic dictates they were never worthy of you in the first place.

To boldly go where you never have before – 4 steps to achieving your dreams

It’s Morning! Mornings are exciting each morning brings a new day and a new day is exciting. To me a new day is like a the opening monologue of Star Trek.

Today a new frontier. These are the voyages of me. My 24 hour mission: to venture out and explore, to experience new and exciting things, to reach for my dreams, to boldly go where I never have before.

OK maybe that’s a little over the top but I think you get how exciting a new day to me.

I’m aware that not everyone shares my enthusiasm. That for some mornings brings no joy, no laughter, and no happiness. To some mornings are just the start of the insufferable march to the next day, existing today just to exist tomorrow.

But it wasn’t always like that; think back to childhood when we all had dreams, big dreams. Dreams that were once roadmaps to a bright and shiny future before we grew up and let reality, or at least what society told us was reality, get in the way. Reaching for the stars was child play they said. If you always have your head in the clouds dreaming you’ll never accomplish anything. Be practical, let go of those silly childhood dreams. That what we were told and most of believed it. But not all of us some of us asked a basic question. Is maintaining a joyless adult existence worth letting go of our childhood dreams? Let that question sink in for a moment, go ahead think about it, I’ll wait…

Ok if you said yes it’s worth letting go of my childhood dreams, you can stop reading I’ve got nothing for you. But if you said no, if you said life is too short to simply exist. I want to achieve my dreams, laugh, love and be as happy as I can possibly be along the way, well you should keep on reading.

The way I see it there are four simple steps you have to take in order to free yourself from the grey mundane world you currently reside in so that you can step into a world full of vibrant colors. You know the world I’m talking about, the one with the array of colors you used to draw as a child. The world you have always belonged in.

First and without question the most important step is belief. You have to believe in your dreams, you have to believe they can be accomplished but most of all you have to believe in you. Walk over to the nearest mirror and look at the person staring back at you. Do you believe that person has the power to change things in your life? To live out your dreams? To make your world a better place? If you can believe that you’ll be amazed at where you can go from there.

Step two is to make a plan. It doesn’t have to be a detailed plan it just has to be a plan. A plan to accomplish something you’ve wanted to accomplish for a while but you didn’t think was possible. You don’t have to get all the way there in one day; you just have to believe you will eventually get there. Don’t impose any limits on yourself. Your mind is the window through which you see the world and if you can see it happening it can!

Third remove all the negativity from around you. Evaluate those around you and determine who is emitting positive energy in your world. That positive energy can be in their guidance, friendship or love. Embrace them and move forward with them. The ones emitting negative energy? Discard them and move on. Understand that everyone cannot walk the path with you. Reaching for the stars is hard enough and there is no reason to be weighed down by those that bring only negativity to the table.

Finally, do not fear failure. Failure is only permanent to those who believe their potential has limits. You may fail in your initial attempts to unleash the potential trapped within you but if you do not fear that temporary stumble on your journey to greatness you will get there.

So there you have it four simple steps. Are you ready to embrace your dreams? Yes. Well then go venture out and explore, experience new and exciting things, reach for your dreams and boldly go where you have never been before. I’ll think you’ll like it when you get there.


Failure, yeah I thought about it, but I don’t fear it

In life it is alright to consider the possibility that you may fail.  Only those of us who never aspire to greatness need not to. For it is not the lack of aspirations which holds us back in life; it is the fear of failure to achieve those aspirations which limits our possibilities. To succeed in life, to achieve your dreams you must move forward boldly and smartly and that includes considering all the possible outcomes including failure. But do so without fear of failure do so in the knowledge that you can only make your dreams a reality by taking hold of your destiny and doing something and even if in doing something you fail remember that the successes of your tomorrow may very be built on your failures of today.

Ask and you shall be healed

In life there will be times when your soul will be burdened by a question or questions which you do not dare seek answers to for fear of how it may effect others. It is in those times that you must remember that your spiritual and emotional well-being is equally, if not more important, as that of those whose feelings you seek to protect.