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Your opinion of my happiness is not required

Can you look at me and judge me because I exude confidence and I am happy? The simple answer is no. Your opinion is not required, your approval is not needed for me to be happy. What you must understand is that I am not confident because of a sense of arrogance. I am confident because I have a healthy belief in myself and my abilities.  It is this belief that allows me the freedom to know anything is possible when I put my mind to it and there is a world of possibilities waiting for me to take hold of them.  Knowing this makes me happy and I have earned the right to be. That is something neither you nor anyone else can take from me. I will not allow the negativity of others to sap the positivity that I exude. I will not let your unhappiness thrust on to me. I am who I am because of my belief in myself.  You can not judge me and you never will because I have already judged myself to be worthy of the happiness I enjoy.

Life has a way of correcting itself

We can not live life afraid to live it, afraid of failure.  Failure is inevitable but if you remain true to who you are and never stop believing in yourself, life has a way of correcting itself. When it does you’ll find that you are in a better place and a better person for having taking hold of your life and living t to its fullest rather than standing there and allowing it to unfold around you.

Keep your head to the sky

In honor of the great Maurice White a man who brought us so much happiness through his music. Let us use his lyrics as a guide to living a better and fuller life.

Keep your heads to the sky and live your life knowing you are a shining star. No matter who you are. Shining bright to see what you could truly be.


Every Little Thing Gonna Be All Right

Not going to lie there are some days when I’m feeling a little down, a bit defeated. Then I hear the words of Bob Marley imploring me to Get up, Stand up, Don’t give up the fight. It’s at that point that I realize no matter what is going on in my life I am now and always will be Carl Cooke damn it and no one can ever take that away from me. And it’s when I realize that Bob smiles at me and says when you believe in yourself every little thing gonna be all right.


Failure, yeah I thought about it, but I don’t fear it

In life it is alright to consider the possibility that you may fail.  Only those of us who never aspire to greatness need not to. For it is not the lack of aspirations which holds us back in life; it is the fear of failure to achieve those aspirations which limits our possibilities. To succeed in life, to achieve your dreams you must move forward boldly and smartly and that includes considering all the possible outcomes including failure. But do so without fear of failure do so in the knowledge that you can only make your dreams a reality by taking hold of your destiny and doing something and even if in doing something you fail remember that the successes of your tomorrow may very be built on your failures of today.



The funny thing about fate is that the direction it takes you in is often directly correlated to your belief in yourself.


When you know who you are nothing or no one can stop you from achieving greatness


Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to accept as fact what others tell you can’t accomplish but remain doubtful about your ability to accomplish what you know you can.

Never stop following your dreams