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You are not born great You grow in greatness

Mario Puzo said it best in his classic The Godfather:

Great men are not born great, they grow great

Many have given up on their dreams but without dreams there can be no growth and without growth you can not aspire to be great. You stand still frozen in place, overwhelmed by fear of the unknown and failure, accepting whatever the world bestows upon you instead of cultivating your dreams.  Your life motionless.  As the great Albert Einstein once commented:

Life is like riding a bicycle in order to keep your balance you must keep moving

You must start to move and it starts by believing in your ability to accomplish anything that you can dream of. Cast aside those that say you can’t and shout to the world I can. Throw away those fears of failure by taking that step off the cliff believing you can fly. Ignore how others define you in favor of defining yourself. Understand that no matter who you are today by seizing the opportunities in front of you tomorrow you will be better. Keep moving toward your dreams and each day you shall grow. Because you are not born great you grow great.


Have you ever wondered why you don’t follow your dreams?

Have you ever wondered why you don’t follow your dreams?
Is it because society says you can’t succeed?
Is it because society tell you it’s not practical?
Is it because your dreams do not fit in with society’s view of what you should be?
If this is what you believe then it is simply what your mind has been conditioned to believe by those who have broken the same chains that now in-prison your mind. They are only concerned with maintaining their power and wealth. But there are those of us who have also broken those chains and achieved our dreams who welcome you. How do you join us? Two simple steps. First you reject the fear of failure and believe that you will succeed. Second you don’t let anyone define who you are, you define yourself. Sounds simple? Well it’s not so simple. Because of how your mind has been conditioned it takes a strong sense of self to accomplish those two steps. You must believe that when you step off the cliff you can fly while understanding that even if you don’t at first it is all about going back to the edge and trying again until you not only fly but soar. Once you achieve that sense of self and you know who you are nothing and no one can stop you from achieving your dreams.

The voice within

Center yourself, let all of the negativity go, close your eyes and listen closely. Do you hear the voice within you imploring you to take hold off your destiny, to seize all the possibilities in front of you. That voice that is normally muted by negativity such as self doubt. Do you hear the voice telling you that you are worthy of all your dreams and that you have the potential to achieve them if only you have the courage to reach for them. You hear it now don’t you? The voice is getting louder and it is telling you that you are living a generic existence one in which you have fooled yourself into believing that you are happy to just blend in and take no chances.  But deep down you know you are capable of much more, that your destiny is one of greatness. Finally the voice tells you to release all doubt, to stop looking for excuses not to reach for your dreams and reach for them. Now open your eyes, go out today and begin to manifest your true destiny.

Your opinion of my happiness is not required

Can you look at me and judge me because I exude confidence and I am happy? The simple answer is no. Your opinion is not required, your approval is not needed for me to be happy. What you must understand is that I am not confident because of a sense of arrogance. I am confident because I have a healthy belief in myself and my abilities.  It is this belief that allows me the freedom to know anything is possible when I put my mind to it and there is a world of possibilities waiting for me to take hold of them.  Knowing this makes me happy and I have earned the right to be. That is something neither you nor anyone else can take from me. I will not allow the negativity of others to sap the positivity that I exude. I will not let your unhappiness thrust on to me. I am who I am because of my belief in myself.  You can not judge me and you never will because I have already judged myself to be worthy of the happiness I enjoy.

Life has a way of correcting itself

We can not live life afraid to live it, afraid of failure.  Failure is inevitable but if you remain true to who you are and never stop believing in yourself, life has a way of correcting itself. When it does you’ll find that you are in a better place and a better person for having taking hold of your life and living t to its fullest rather than standing there and allowing it to unfold around you.

Keep your head to the sky

In honor of the great Maurice White a man who brought us so much happiness through his music. Let us use his lyrics as a guide to living a better and fuller life.

Keep your heads to the sky and live your life knowing you are a shining star. No matter who you are. Shining bright to see what you could truly be.