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Your opinion of my happiness is not required

Can you look at me and judge me because I exude confidence and I am happy? The simple answer is no. Your opinion is not required, your approval is not needed for me to be happy. What you must understand is that I am not confident because of a sense of arrogance. I am confident because I have a healthy belief in myself and my abilities.  It is this belief that allows me the freedom to know anything is possible when I put my mind to it and there is a world of possibilities waiting for me to take hold of them.  Knowing this makes me happy and I have earned the right to be. That is something neither you nor anyone else can take from me. I will not allow the negativity of others to sap the positivity that I exude. I will not let your unhappiness thrust on to me. I am who I am because of my belief in myself.  You can not judge me and you never will because I have already judged myself to be worthy of the happiness I enjoy.

Life has a way of correcting itself

We can not live life afraid to live it, afraid of failure.  Failure is inevitable but if you remain true to who you are and never stop believing in yourself, life has a way of correcting itself. When it does you’ll find that you are in a better place and a better person for having taking hold of your life and living t to its fullest rather than standing there and allowing it to unfold around you.

Ask and you shall be healed

In life there will be times when your soul will be burdened by a question or questions which you do not dare seek answers to for fear of how it may effect others. It is in those times that you must remember that your spiritual and emotional well-being is equally, if not more important, as that of those whose feelings you seek to protect.


I Looked in the mirror this morning and the reflection staring back at me started to talk and if that wasn’t strange enough it wasn’t in my voice but Larry Fishburne’s.Morpheus

Welcome he said as you no doubt have guessed I am you. I imagine right now you feel I am no doubt the lingering effects of the Dos Equis you drank last night and your love of the Matrix, but I ensure you I am neither. Rather I am here to tell you the truth, that you have been living a lie. That you have lost your way, your swagger so to speak, you are living a life of the ordinary and you are not now, nor have you ever been destined to be ordinary, your path is one of greatness.

The question before you now is simply this. What are you waiting for? You’re better than this. Don’t think you are, know you are.

You must stop looking for excuses why you’re not great and be great! You must remember who you are and what you are destined to be. Now go out today and start reminding the world who that is before they start to forget as well.

Whoa! I thought as I stepped back from the mirror that may have still been the Dos Equis, but just in case buckle up world because I’m coming and I’m bringing my swagger with me!