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I’m praying for everyone’s recovery; like them or not, they have families, and I don’t wish this horrible virus on anyone but just wondering if this administration should be consistent. Remember when Trump tweeted this

“Why should the people and taxpayers of America be bailing out poorly run states (like “Illinois, as an example) and cities, in all cases Democrat-run and managed, when most of the other states are not looking for bailout help? I am open to discussing anything, but just asking?”

So I ask Why should the people and taxpayers of America pay the medical cost for the President, people in his administration and politicians who made consciously poor decisions to mislead Americans about the risks associated with COVID, refused to wear masks and socially distance, in all cases Republicans, when hundreds of thousands who were affected by COVID in one way or another are suffering financially are not being afforded real financial relief? I am open to being told why, but just asking?

The Greatest Trick Some Of The Wealthy Ever Pulled Off

The greatest trick some of the wealthy, powerful, and elite of the Republican Party ever pulled off was to convince many of the poor, powerless and ordinary members of their party they were one of them. But they aren’t, never have been, never will be. Let me break It down for you.
The powerful:
Will always be able to get a safe abortion for their wives or mistresses;
Will always have access to the best health care;
Would never let you move within 25 miles of them; they have to watch those property taxes;
Would never let your son or daughter date their son or daughter; no poor white trash, thank you;
Would never give up even one of their tax breaks so you could get a little more in your paycheck;
Would never admit that some of them are, in fact, those LGBT individuals they love to hate so much.
They’ve convinced you that you’re losing your America when it never was your America. It has always been their America and theirs alone, and they use you as pawns to make sure it stays that way.

Open Question to the GOP

What if I told you that many believe what you do politically and, given the opportunity, could effectively lead your party.
What if I told you those many have dignity. That they would not put you in a position where you had to cast aside your dignity and morals by standing in front of Americans trying to spin a host of lies and corruption.
What if I told you those many are not racist and would work to unite Americans instead of dividing it? That they would not belittle the American intelligence community. Would work with our allies instead of insulting them and not be seen as Putin’s puppet. Would restore America’s role as the leader of the free world and be respected by the global community instead of laughed at.
Could you break your ties with the deceitful, corrupt, divisive, lying leader you have now and allow those many to restore the luster to your party that deep down you know is being marred by your current leader?
Would you?

Dear American People

Dear American people
Today’s problem is that the government is supposed to derive its power from the people’s will. Still, we have essentially given up their authority dividing ourselves into two parties who no longer hold politicians accountable but blindly follow the sound bites of those in power based on if they have a (R) or a (D) after their name. Individuals who. have only a casual interest in educating themselves to maintain their wealth and power.
Let us take back our government by
Informing ourselves on the issues
Educating ourselves on the options
Holding our representatives accountable.
Let us retake control of the government; after all, it is our government.