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No I'm not intimidated by you

She said most men aren’t ready for what she brings to the table. That she was the type of woman men are intimidated by because she was smart, independent, not afraid to speak her mind, and doesn’t need a man to validate who she is.

I looked at her and told her you’re not so scary and you certainly don’t intimate me. You see I want a partner who can stimulate my mind, challenge me mentally, share my insatiable thirst for knowledge. A partner who I can spar with intellectually and has their own thoughts and ideas, someone who doesn’t always agree with my positions and has the ability to logically justify theirs. A partner who exudes self confidence in both who they are and what they can accomplish.

If you were to open your heart to me I told her you will find that I can be both a sounding board and a source of advice. I can offer you a shoulder to cry on and give you the space you need when you need to work out your problems on your own and I can do it without truly leaving your side. I can do things not because of some desire to show you that I am the man but because you would be my partner and I would expect that you would do the same for me.

So no, I am not intimidated by you. In fact the real question here is are you the type of woman who is ready for what I bring to the table.

The Heart Knows No Time

The heart knows no concept of time, for the heart time is nothing more than a meaningless concept, a man-made measure. It is why the heart of someone who has known love but for a brief period can be broken just as easily and hurt just as much as that of someone who has loved for a long period of time.  The heart never asks how long it has been? The heart only knows that it feels the way it does when that special someone walks in the room, smiles at you, holds your hand, looks into your eyes and says they love you.  It does not matter to the heart if they have known that person for 2 months, 2 years or 2 decades it only knows that person makes it feel a way no one else does.  Others may ask how you could be so hurt after all you only were only with them but for a second and your brain may struggle with that question, but the heart knows.  The time your heart needs to heal from the loss of that special person does not equate like some mathematical equation to the amount of time you were with them.  Yes, you will get stronger as the days go by and yes you will learn to let go. You will come to a point where you will allow yourself to look back and smile at all the good times you shared without being sad that they are no more.  You will embrace the truth, that you will never truly forget them because the heart truly never forgets.  But your heart will heal in its own time and then and only then will you be able to open it up to love again.

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Hate = Ugly – Unity = Beauty

There is nothing more ugly than division and hate for each other with the exception of those who promote it for personal gain. One day they will have to stand before the creator and justify the unjustifiable. 

There is nothing more beautiful than unity and compassion for each other. Blessings shall be showered unto those of us who who practice it. For we all God’s children regardless of what we may look like.


Let the lyrics proclaim my love

I remember the first time, I danced… With you baby
It was a slow song… The lights… Were so low
I held you so close… I could feel your heart beating next to mine—
Then I kissed you once and my head started spinning
Twice like a merry go round
Three times and I fell so deep in love with you baby
– Howard Hewitt

There are times, even after all these years, I just gaze at you. Amazed at how a simple man like myself was so lucky to find a woman as amazing as you. Luckier to have been smart enough to fall in love with you and luckiest that you felt the same way.

Even when the skies were gray. You would rub me on my back and say, “Baby it’ll be okay”
Now that’s real to a brother like me, baby.
– Method Man

You have always been there for me holding me up when things weren’t so good. Standing right beside me things were. We’ve seen so many of our friends drift apart, either physically or mentally, when things got rough. But not us. Mainly because of your exceptional vision to look beyond the moment to the big picture. To understand that no matter what is in front of us we are better facing it together than separate and I know I’m a better man with you than without you.

You are the only thing that keeps me goin’ You are the only thing, keeps my love alive You are the only thing that I’ll ever need You don’t have to worry, you see, my love is forever.
– Prince

I am committed to you, you are my heart, you are my soul. There is nothing that could ever cause me to stray, nothing that could steal my heart from you. I love you more today than after our first kiss and I’ll love you more tomorrow.

You saved me

Early morning the sun hasn’t even come up yet here I am wide awake. You lay next to me your beauty evident even as you sleep. I wonder if you know you saved my soul? Before you I was bitter, had given up on love. I swore I would never allow anyone to make me feel the way I felt when my last relationship ended. Not only had my world been shaken by the break up but my heart had been stolen. Not shattered into pieces but gone, stolen by someone I trusted loved me as I loved them. Then you walked into my life, your first smile a building block for my new heart, a wrecking ball to the wall that my bitterness has built up. Even though I never said it you seemingly could sense my apprehension but that never deterred you. You simply let the moments be the moments and as time went on I let you in more and more. Then one day you smiled and like the grinch my heart that you had been building since that first smile grew three sizes that day. And then – the true meaning of love came through, and I found the strength of *ten* men plus two! Today my heart is once again open to love but only to your love. You brought me back, you saved my soul, made me believe in love again. Than you my love sleep well.