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A Symbol of My Rebirth

Hurt left an indelible scar on my soul.
I cannot run from it.
I cannot hide from it.
I cannot pretend it does not exist.

It has become a part in who I am and what I will become.run from hurt

So, I will not hide from it,
I will embrace it.
I will learn from it.
I will gain strength from it.
I will grow from it.

The scar will not be a symbol of my pain.
The scar will be a symbol of my survival.
The scar will be a symbol of my strength.
The scar will be a symbol of my rebirth.

Hurt may have left an indelible scar on my soul
but it can not stop me from moving forward no regrets, no remorse

As my praise increases so too does my blessings ten fold

I have always believed in the Lord’s existence, but there have been times my faith has wavered, to be honest. When I suffered setbacks in my life, I prayed to the Lord for help when health issues arose. When that help did not come fast enough or in a manner that I fully understood, I would wonder why me? Why has the Lord forsaken me?
Lately, though, I have had an awaking. I have begun to understand that my conversations with the Lord could not-only be in times of despair but in times of happiness as well. That even in times of distress, I needed to talk to the Lord and praise him for all that is good in my life. To understand that the times of despair, while often painful as-is may be it, I am reminded of and appreciate the good that has been bestowed upon me. That no matter how difficult my situation may appear to be at that moment, I still needed to praise him in his holy name. To praise him for the opportunity to merely awake that morning and walk upon beautiful this blue ball that he has blessed us with. As my conversations with the Lord turned from only asking for help in times of tribulations and praising him each day for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me, those blessings increased ten fold. That he wants to bless me with an abundance of good. That there is no need for me to worry that he has forsaken me but to have faith that he is working to give me the strength and courage to overcome any adversity I may be facing. For with the Lord, the possibilities are endless with the Lord, nothing is impossible, and for that, I praise him in all times.