Listen To It America – Look At It America

“I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe, please, please.”
“Don’t kill me.”
“Mama, Mama… I’m through!”
George Floyd’s words before his life was taken from him by an officer casually kneeling on his neck.
Listen America as he begs for his life as the officer casually kneeled on his neck.
Listen America as he cries out for his Mama as the officer casually kneeled on his neck.
Look America at his last minutes as the officer casually kneeled on his neck.
Look America at the callous attitude, as the officer casually knelled on his neck.
Take note America of the silence emanating from the White House about the officer casually kneeling on his neck.
America, you hear it, you see it, yet some of you don’t possess the compassion to care about it.
Where is your soul?
Did you even have a soul?
America, your fear, hatred, and disregard for our lives are well documented, and we are not asking that the hate that lives in the hearts of some of you magically disappear. But make no mistake, America, the time is coming, and you will:
Respect us.
Treat us as equals.
Stop killing us.
Be held accountable for your actions.
Because America we are not going anywhere. This is OUR country, just as much as you imagine it to belong to you alone.
“I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe, pleased, please.”
“Don’t kill me.”
“Mama, Mama… I’m through!”
Listen to it, America.
Look at it, America.

Good Morning America

Good Morning America it’s us your sons and daughters of color, we know today will be no different than any day the last four hundred years, but we still like to believe maybe it will. 

Since that day four hundred plus years ago when you came to our homeland and stole us, stripped us of our names, religion, and culture you have done everything in your power to deny us even the smallest sip from the tree of equality. To reject who and what we are to you.

You have

Shackled us in chains,
beat us,
raped our women,
separated our families,
hunted us down and hung us from trees, in front of your burning crosses,
denied us access to equal educational opportunity,
intimidated us from having our voice heard at the voting booth
created two separate and unequal justice systems to disproportionately incarcerate us.

You have steadfastly refused to acknowledge the indisputable fact that we are now and have always been an essential part of what makes this country great. 

You reject the notion that we are just much a part of the fabric of America as you ever were.

We should be furious at you, yet we remain drawn to you.  We should seek retribution, yet all we ask is that you see us, not the color of our skin, but us. That you treat as equals.

Why you may ask?  After everything you have put you through? It’s because we still love you.  After all you are our country. You may not know it, but you are.  And as James Baldwin said, “I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.” 

One day hopefully our criticism will awaken your soul and when we wake up and tell you Good Morning, you will smile back and say Good Morning sons and daughters of America.  I cannot express how sorry I am for how I have treated you.  But know this, I am proud of the amazing resiliency you have shown and thank you for being a part of the soul of our country. America would never have reached the heights we have without you or your vast array of contributions.


We have bled with you in war.
We have raised your children.
We have a love for this country despite centuries of oppression.
Yet you still hate and fear us.
Is it because you fail to accept the sins of your past?
Is it because you refuse to confront the racial and social injustices you have subjected us to 400 plus years?
Is it because rather than understand who we are as a people, you choose to live in the dark and fear imagined dangers?
Is it because you are amazed that after all we have been through, we are still standing, still rising, still every bit of the American fabric you believe yourself to have exclusive rights to. Or is it merely because you fear that if given the opportunity, we would treat you as you have treated us? It doesn’t matter because look around you; your hatred is being rebuked, your ignorance is being laughed at, your time is coming to an end. We Are The Coalition Of The Righteous and our time is now.

Ignorance leads to Hatred, Hatred leads to Division

On September 4, 2020, President Donald Trump directed federal agencies Friday to end diversity training programs, calling them “Divisive, anti-American propaganda a sickness that cannot be allowed to continue.” This decision comes amid a nationwide reckoning on racial injustice that Trump has adamantly opposed.

There is a reason Trump disparages those who would educate America on issues of racial injustice. Why he looks to paint those who do so as radical left-wing unamerican extremist, it is so he can easily mislead a segment of American society, to continue to tap into their ignorance and hate, to ensure that his lying and use of misinformation is seen as truth.

Because Trump knows that:

Misinformation leads to ignorance.

Ignorance leads to fear.

Fear leads to isolation.

Isolation leads to mistrust.

Mistrust leads to intolerance.

Intolerance leads to hate.

Hate leads to division.

And division ensures that we as Americans never band together as one but continue to fight each other over the crumbs he and his kind continue to toss us. It is to ensure we remain victims to ensure their way of life.

Matthew 12:25 New King James Version

But Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. –

The Many Faces of America

According to the Department of Homeland Security, White supremacist present the gravest terror threat to the United States of America. 

White Supremacists are ignorant people who believe that white people are superior to everyone else, especially blacks. They feel that America is “their” country and that the rise economically, socially, and politically of people of color is a clear and present danger to what they believe is America’s real face. These people have always been a part of America’s fabric, spewing their hate, but over the last four years, they have become emboldened once again. Encouraged by a President who spews the same hatred, and with a wink and a smile tacitly approves of their actions. He does this not only because he is a racist, but to maintain power for himself by using their hate and belief that he is the last line of defense to keeping the face of America white. But you know the truth? America has no face. America has many faces. The Democratic National Convention offered us all a look at the present and future of America. How refreshing it was to see so many faces. White, Black, Latino and Asian; Men and Women; Straight and Gay; Young and Old, Progressives and Moderates. You can agree or disagree with their politics. Still, you can’t deny that everyone watching could personally identify with someone who spoke at that convention, and that’s what makes America great.  

We are a country of many different races, ethnicities, beliefs, religions, sexualities, economic levels, and social views, an incredible mosaic woven together to form the very fabric of America. It was the founding fathers who imagined this America when they declared independence from British rule proudly stating:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.

At the time, it was more of an ideal than something practiced, there was still the sins of slavery and the displacement of Native Americans from their homeland, but it was the ideal this nation was founded on never the less. Today there are still those who believe America was greatest when segregation was the rule of the day when opportunities for women in the workplace were far, and few between, when being gay was meet with societal shame. That America is no more. America is changing, not fast enough, but it is changing and evolving beyond its past prejudices. We are now the majority; we are the coalition of the righteous. Our rise is why domestic terrorism is on the rise; it is why a segment of society willingly turns a blind eye to Trump’s corruption, lies, and cling to his mantra of hate and division and a time when most Americans are coming together to reject it. Armed with automatic weapons, they brazenly walk through our communities. They are afraid of the new America, unwilling to open themselves up to anyone or anything different from themselves and what they believe to be right. This is their last stand, and they know it. However, the momentum is against them; the new America is here, and it has many faces.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. It is, after all, the idea that America was founded on.

A Mother’s Anguish

It echoes in the wind.
It haunts the countryside.
It reverberates through the very soul of America.
It is the sound of a mother’s anguish.
Like a Hurricane, it begins across the Atlantic with a mother’s cries of sorrow when her son doesn’t return to the village. She looks longingly toward the coastline and realizes, like so many before, he has been taken by the white men in boats, and he would never be seen again.
It makes landfall in the American south with a mother screaming NO as the white men pull her son from her arms. As they leave with him, a tear runs down her cheek, and she realizes, like so many before, he would be sold to another plantation, and her son would never be seen again.
It sweeps across the purple mountain majesty with a mother’s sobbing as her son’s lifeless, unrecognizable body is pulled from the river. Her body trembles and she realizes, like so many before, he was in the wrong place on the wrong night, and the white men in the pickup truck took his life only for sport, and her son’s smile would never be seen again.
It rattles the amber waves of grain with a mother’s moaning as the jury of white men enters the court room and, despite all the evidence to the contrary, pronounce the defendant innocent. Her soul fills with disbelief, and she realizes, like so many before, any chance of justice for her murdered son would never be seen again.
It is heard from sea to shining sea with a mother’s grieving as the video of the white police officer calmly resting his knee on her son’s neck plays. She watches in horror as her son yells I can’t breathe and calls out for her, and as the life slowly drains from his body, she realizes, like so many before, the joy on her son’s face would never be seen again.
Listen to it, America.
Listen and do not turn a death ear to it.
Listen to 400 years of a mother’s anguish.

A Few Bad Men

Donald Trump, we live in a world that has walls of racial inequities and injustices, and those walls have to be torn down by groups like ours. Who’s gonna do it for you? You Mitch McConnell? We have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You fight to “Make America Great Again,” and you curse Black Lives Matter. You have the luxury. You have the luxury of not experiencing what we do every day, that Racism, while seemingly invisible to you, is an inherent part of American culture and our existence while grotesque and incomprehensible, to you, is about making America live up to its promise that all people are created equal, about FINALLY MAKING AMERICA GREAT. We have neither the time nor the inclination to explain ourselves to a man who rises and sleeps under the freedoms of white privilege and then questions why we demand equality! We’d rather you just said ‘thank you’ and went on your way. Otherwise, We suggest you wake up and join us in the ever-expanding Coalition of the Righteous and stand for equality. Either way, we don’t give a damn what you think you makes America great.

Where racial injustice is so inherent…

In a society where racial injustice is so inherent, its very existence is denied by many; it is frowned upon to even discuss it for fear of making some feel uncomfortable, where the oppressed are expected to work for change within a system built to subjugate them. It is a society that must be made uncomfortable by those that are oppressed. A society must be forced to deal with the deep-seated problem that is a scar on its very existence. Until that day, the injustice perpetrated on the oppressed may ebb and flow, but it will never truly be cast out of that society’s very heart, forever lurking around the next corner.


What I Don’t Like

I don’t like:
Seeing people getting hurt
Seeing innocent business owners watched their life’s work destroyed
Seeing a movement being marred by the actions of those who loot and riot only to enrich themselves or push the narrative in a negative direction for their depraved political gain
I also don’t like
Open season on African-Americans
Killers who mar the good name of most police officers by masquerading as them
But what I don’t like most of all is a President who does not speak to America but instead hides behind Twitter using the tragedy of George Floyd and the subsequent unrest it has sparked to post tweets designed to spread division, hate & racism. Tweets designed to motivate his base to harken back to a time when they felt America was Great. A time when “vicious” dogs were unleashed on protesters of racial inequality. Tweets designed to keep him in power to continue to “loot” this country of its morality and enrich himself.