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Embrace the Positive. Discard the Negative.

Take a minute to take stock of your life. Identify who and what is a positive influence. Be that by their guidance, friendship or love. Embrace them and move forward with them. Then negative influences? Discard them and move on. Everyone and everything can not come along with you on your path. Reaching for the stars is hard enough by itself don’t let yourself be weighed down by those that bring only negativity to the table.

The mind

The mind is your most powerful asset. The body cannot live without the mind. In times of physical difficulties visualize yourself as you once were. Use your mind to call upon your faith, no matter what it may be, to find the courage and strength to overcome your difficulties. Use your mind to manifest the physical healing of your body. The stronger your mind is the stronger your body will become.


Wash away the negativity

Sometimes I cry for no reason – nothing to be concerned about the tears are just my mind washing away any negativity before it consumes me. Negativity looks to drain me of my happiness and I won’t give it that power. I will not dwell on it, I will not let it define me, I simply have no use for it. I will look for the positive in all things: Knocked me down – you didn’t knock me out; failed to achieve my goal – learning experience for the next time. I have the power to define myself and I choose to define myself through positivity so it’s ok that I cry after all I’m just washing away the negativity.