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Things About Me Most Don’t Know

  1. I will often take the opposing side of an issue even if I don’t support it because I find it fun to debate.
  2. I am a master at hiding my feelings when I’ve been hurt, or I’m feeling sad.
  3. I often feel or sense the presence of others around me but not truly near me, and as such, I’m fascinated by the concept of varying planes of existence and parallel universes.
  4. While I’m not all in (I’m no Mulder, but I wouldn’t mind working with Scully), I can be somewhat of a conspiracy theorist at times
  5. Relationships and love are vital to me, and while I have made some major mistakes in my pursuit of them, I refuse to stop looking for my soulmate because I know she out there (hello Halle Berry )
  6. My secret desire is to be a published author, now if I just knew how to write.
  7. I will stick by your side through more sh#* than even you could imagine, but if you cross that last line and really who knows where that is, like most Virgos, I’ll cut you out of my life and never look back.
  8. I hated going bald, but now I realize I wear it well.
  9. I’ve known my oldest friend since 3rd grade; he’s like a brother to me, and we met and became friends by bonding over Star Trek. The original series, that is.