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2020 was bad but it did plant some seeds

There are only a few hours left in 2020, one of the most arduous years most of us have ever had to endure; I remain hopeful as I watch the images of the year playback on my television. It was a year where: Many of our brothers and sisters senselessly lost their lives to a virus run rampant, aided by leader’s political overtures and the indifference of other’s health and safety by those who followed them. People of color continued to be shot and killed at a disproportionate rate by those sworn to protect them.
The rich saw their portfolios grow in size while food lines stretched for miles.
The very fabric of American Democracy came under fire, its flames fanned by American politicians looking to secure or further their careers. Yet, for as bad as it was, 2020 planted the seeds for a better future. Young people and people who never were in the past came out in record numbers to vote—determined to remove those who put themselves ahead of the country, who looked to line the pockets of the rich at the expense of most Americans, who believed that America has no responsibility for the inherent racism and social injustice it has propagated since before its birth.
Americans of all races, genders, ethnic backgrounds, religious and sexual orientations came together and took to the street in a call for racial and social justice. It was the birth of this generation’s Coalition of the Righteous. So as we head into the new year, let us not discard 2020 entirely but cultivate the seeds of hope it has planted.

Happy New Year!

New Year New Possibilities

To all my family and friends as the final hours on 2016 rapidly approaches lets allow ourselves one last look back to mourn what was lost but also rejoice at what was gained. But take only a moment because life is a journey and with each new year new possibilities await us. 2017 is but a blank canvas awaiting our paintbrushes to graze it and bring it to life. So at midnight let our mind run free, let our dreams be out guide. No rules, no boundaries on what can be. Only what our minds may think and where our dreams dare say we can go.