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Dirty Diana…She’s Out Of My Life

You did me, DIRTY DIANA, you came into my life and stole my heart like a SMOOTH CRIMINAL. I REMEMBER THE TIME when we first met and thinking to myself, oh my goodness, she is a PRETTY YOUNG THING. You quickly became ANOTHER PART OF ME; you were quite the THRILLER, but then out of nowhere, you WERE GONE TOO SOON, and all I could do was SCREAM. My friends try to comfort me; they say they are here for me. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, they say. But the truth is I JUST CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU and THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL. Part of me wishes for just ONE MORE CHANCE, but I know life is never that BLACK OR WHITE; these types of breakups happen; I guess it’s only HUMAN NATURE. So, while I may feel BAD, I know I must move on and accept what I don’t want to, that SHE’S OUT OF MY LIFE.

Asking do you Remember? With an assistance from MJ

Do YOU REMEMBER THE TIME you came into my life and stole my heart LIKE A SMOOTH CRIMINAL? I smiled and asked your name. You smiled back and said DIRTY DIANA. Well, well that’s a bit unusual I thought but so were you. There was no doubt that you were OFF THE WALL and knew I CAN’t LET HER GET AWAY. So, despite my heart beating a mile a minute I played it cool. I’ve seen you around Dirty Diana and I have to say you are a PRETTY YOUNG THING but I suspect you just might be DANGEROUS. You laughed and said I can be when I want to, but that just ANOTHER PART OF ME. Most of the time I’m really quite harmless. Than you said I’ve seen you around too your name’s BEN right and I know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. What’s her name? BILLIE JEAN right. She’s the one who ROCK WITH YOU? Her? No, she’s old news SHE’S OUT OF MY LIFE now. Then I took a leap of faith and put it all out there. Look I’m not going play games with you it’s as easy as ABC it’s THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL I just want to SCREAM that SHE’S DRIVES ME WILD. You blushed and said so you WANNA BE STARTING SOMETHING with me huh? I CAN’T HELP IT I REPLIED you are BAD. Well you said I just might feel the same way. Then you hesitated for a second before looking at me and saying who am I kidding take my hand CAN YOU FEEL IT I’m trembling. THIS IS IT I thought THE GIRL IS MINE. So, right there and without hesitation I said GIRL DON’T TAKE YOUR LOVE FROM ME and to this day you haven’t.