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Listen to the sound of gun fire killing innocent people over and over again.

Washington D.C 

Are you listening?

How many more must die?

How many more children do we have to bury?

Stop and listen to the sound of gun fire senselessly killing innocent people over and over again.

We are tired.

We don’t want your prayers and condolences anymore.

We don’t want to see you accepting large donations from and on behalf of the NRA anymore. 

We don’t want to see you pandering to the guns and god crowd anymore.

We want to see you grow a backbone and take action.

We want to see you enact real and meaningful gun control laws now.

Stop with the excuses and just listen and watch the sound of gun fire senselessly killing innocent people over and over again.

If you can’t do that. If you can’t even attempt to protect us, I suggest you shut up, sit down and move aside for someone who can!

Prayers and Condolences…Return to Sender

B0BD3CA7-2CA6-4A90-A4A9-066B24BB9A4A‪This letter is being returned to the sender due to the lack of genuine caring for my innocent children. Prayers and condolences will sadly not restore their vibrant life force among you. Instead, it appears to be a way for you to assuage your feelings of guilt for your failure to act in a proactive matter to prevent yet another mass shooting. Please do not question my intelligence with excuses such as it’s not guns; it’s a mental illness when this type of thing happens only in your country. Instead of prayers and condolences for those tragically lost to gun violence, maybe you should pray for help in finding the conviction within yourselves to draft a comprehensive gun law.

The killing of our innocent

There is a consequence for every decision, and humans frequently rely on flawed logic to justify illogical decisions. ‬
‪There can be no debate that it is illogical for America to cling to the belief that the founding fathers believed ownership of guns should go unchecked in today’s society. With the advances in weaponry, not to mention the amendment’s obsolete real intent, is a well-regulated militia to serve as a check upon a standing army. Something no “militia” armed with guns, no matter how high powered, in today’s world, would be able to serve as a formidable foe against, say, an F-16 fighter jet. ‬
‪The consequence of America’s decision not to take real action on the subject of gun control is the continued wave of mass shootings it endures. Something unique to America among developed countries in the world. No mass shooting is without its pain, but none is sadder than when the life of a young innocent is tragically taken from us far before their time. Politicians will tweet and stand in front of the cameras offering prayers and condolences. But that does little to ease the heartbreak of a parent who stands over the coffin of their child with tears in their eyes, wondering why. ‬
‪Every decision has a consequence. Isn’t it time we decide to stop this madness and implement real gun control policies? ‬

Prayers of condolences. The response from up high

Things that make you go hmmm
What if God answered our prayers out loud. Would it sound like this?
Whoa, whoa, another moment of silence, another prayer asking for condolences for lost ones coming in from the American Senate. I am angered that my innocent children continue to lose their lives, and you willfully choose not to use the intelligence I blessed you with to try and stop it. A child could see the obvious your country has more gun violence because your country has more guns. It’s not that difficult to figure out. So stop using me as an excuse not to take action and take action. Prayers of condolences will not bring back the life of my children who were lost. Serious action on your part will prevent another one from losing theirs.

Tell me again what well regulated militia did he belong to?

‪I wondered what well-regulated Militia the Las Vegas shooter belonged to with so many guns, but the news never reported it.
America, wake up!
The false interpretation of the 2nd amendment, the belief that our very freedom depends on our so called constitutional right to own a gun, is a straight out lie. What our freedom depends on is our ability to protect ourselves and our young from harm. The very founding fathers who wrote the constitution understood this, believing that the purpose of government was to protect life, liberty, and property from what they called the depravity of human nature and what can be more depraved than the actions of the Las Vegas shooter and the many who came before him. Research shows that America leads developed nations by a wide margin in gun-related deaths mainly because guns are much more accessible. Where guns are accessible, those who are deprived will obtain them.
We must act now and put a stop to this madness. We must get serious about gun control in this country. Poll after poll shows that most Americans support stronger gun control now; we must let Washington know that with our voices at the voting booths. We must counter the money of special interest determined to keep the status quo and roll back the few regulations we have now over the lives of the innocent, which is a lot of money to counter. In the 2014 midterm elections, the NRA’s own super PAC and 501c4 political organization can run its political campaign. Combined spent more than 27 million dollars. They upped the ante in 2016 betting on Donald Trump. Six Republican Senate candidates locked in a highly competitive race spending $50.2 million, or 96 percent of its total outside spending, into these races and lost only one.
We can choose to continue living like this, offering our condolences, praying for the families who lost loved ones, offering calls for unity while stating now is not the time for a political debate on guns, and then moving on with our lives until it happens all over again or we can choose to stop the madness and get serious about gun control.

. ‬

Time to seriously deal with America’s gun problem.

On the heels of the deadliest shooting in American history, this is what FOX News and conservatives are concerned about / protecting the NRA from Hilary Clinton’s criticism.


Before you respond by saying she started it by making it political, we as a country have to be angry that we continue to see innocent lives taken from us way too early at the hands of guns. America has 4.4 percent of the world’s population. Still, almost half of the civilian-owned guns around the world, more than 1500 mass shootings than Sandy Hook alone and America far and always leads developed countries in gun-related death in comparison to just two other countries America has six times as many firearm homicides as Canada and nearly 16 times as many as Germany. Meanwhile, The National Rifle Association took a historic gamble in 2016, and it paid off in a huge way. The gun-rights group placed multimillion-dollar bets on Donald Trump and six Republican Senate candidates locked in highly competitive races. It poured $50.2 million, or 96 percent of its total outside spending, into these races and lost only one.

The time is over for politicians to offer their condolences and prayers to the families of the victim. The time is over for using the excuse that now is not the time to bring up the gun issue. Now is a time for healing. Now is not the time for offering up lame one-liners like guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Now is the time to face the truth that the US is an outlier on gun violence because it has way more guns than other developed nations. The NRA gives millions of dollars to Senators and Congressperson to ensure that doesn’t change. Yes, now is a time of healing, but the only way we will truly heal is to combat this problem, and if that means calling out groups like the NRA, so be it.

Hate is hate no matter how you label it

More senseless deaths; more families left to mourn the loss of loved ones; more cries from churches, synagogues and other places of worship of why; more pulling apart than coming together as politicians, advocates and ordinary people look to find someone or some group to blame. This is what we wake to this morning on a day that is becoming all too commonplace in America because hate has reared its ugly head yet again. Now after identifying the cowards who once again destroyed the lives of countless families with just the pull of a trigger the networks ask – will the FBI now call this terrorism? And my question is does it really matter?

To be clear terrorism in general is any act designed to cause terror. It is not something that is new to America it has been around for over a century. The KKK for example is a terrorist organization. Now there are different reasons that individuals or groups carry out terrorist attacks but at the end of the day every single one of these so called “mass shootings” have been acts of terrorism. The press or the government waiting to determine the race, religion, or political affiliation of individuals who carry out these heinous acts before they decide what to label it is nothing more than politics at its worst.

But again I ask what does it really matter? Because no matter what we call it, today we will still mourn for those innocent souls lost yesterday. We still look on with grief at the pain their families must endure. Because no matter how we label it, hate continues to chip away at our collective morality as a species. Hate, unless we find a way to defeat it will undoubtedly be the downfall of us as a people and when we’re gone it won’t matter how we labeled it.