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Never Go Full Trump

A conversation sometime in the future between an ex presidential candidate and a campaign strategist. 

Ex Candidate (EC): Just wish I had a campaign manager like this last election

Strategist (S): Last election. Oh yeah. You went all in on that one, huh?  Really swung for the fences, huh?

EC: Thank you I just did the work. In a weird way I had to sort of just free myself up to believe it was okay to be him. 

S: To be Trump

EC: Yeah

S: To be Trumpy

EC: Yeah

S: Like the Trumpiest candidate that ever ran

EC: When I was running for President. 

S: Acting like Trump. Trying to come back from that

EC: In a weird way I had to fool my mind into believing I wasn’t the Donald. 

S: But Trump thought he was a good qualified President so you can’t afford to play Trump being a qualified candidate. Running as a guy who thinks he’s qualified but is so far from qualified, that’s tricky. Hats off for going there especially knowing how the voters are about that now

EC: About what?

S: You’re serious? You don’t know? Everybody knows you never go full Trump 

EC: What do you mean? 

S: Check it out. Richard Nixon, 37th President, look Trump, act Trump, not Trump. Established the EPA and OSHA, ended America’s involvement in the Vietnam war, opened diplomatic relations with The Peoples Republic of China. He had Watergate so crooked sho’. Not Trump. You know Jimmy Carter.’ Below average President yes. Indecisive, maybe. Gas shortages and Iranian hostage crises. But he created the Departments of Energy and Education and negotiated a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. That ain’t Trump. He was a goddamn Noble Peace Prize winner. You know any Trump Noble Prize Winners? You went full Trump man. Never go full Trump. You don’t buy that? Ask Donald, 2020, Presidential Election.  Remember? Went full Trump, went home empty-handed.


The danger within

A country whose citizens:

Turns a blind eye to social injustice, 

Condones immoral behavior from their leaders,

Believes anything that those in power tell them rather than educating themselves.

Allows their government in essence to be run by and to the benefit of the wealthy few.

Need not worry about its enemies because in time it will be destroyed from with-in


Fear is not a leadership trait

To lead by fear is fleeting because like children
people soon realize the boogeyman doesn’t really exist and is nothing to fear. Without the fear their imagined power disappears. A real leader doesn’t rely on fear rather they thrive on integrity, intelligence and truth. They inspire people rather than scaring them. They encourage people to embrace change and reach for greatness rather than remain stagnant by hiding behind a wall of fear.

Your own high standards are the keys to success

Ray Kroc once commented “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” Setting high standards for yourself will force you to push yourself to achieve your potential, to grow each day, to be better than you were yesterday. You believe that you will accomplish this growth through hard-work and integrity. You are both a visionary and a creative mind seeing the possibilities where others don’t and the ways to achieve them. There is a persistence in your focus, you will not allow set backs to deter you from reaching your goals. You will not stop until you succeed. Most importantly your actions inspire those you lead to work hard to reach their full potential as well. To live up the same high standards you set for yourself by working hard, and not cutting corners. They take on the mantra of a commitment to excellence This undoubtedly leads to a greater chance of success not only for them but your business as well. Because while bosses demand excellence from employees, leaders inspire employees to achieve it. You simply can not have low standards for yourself and expect those around you to operate with high standards simply. because you order it. Businesses undoubtedly take on the characteristics of the person in charge. The moral to this story? It’s simple the best way to motivate your staff to fulfill their potential and ensure your business’s success is to live your life with a set of high standard. Do that and those you lead will be inspired to follow.

Incompetence, apathy and a reliance on an unhealthy Ego is no way to run a country

It is far easier to hide behind lies and cry that you are being targeted by fake news then it is to actually roll up your sleeves immerse yourself in the job and require the knowledge needed to govern correctly. It is your unhealthy belief in yourself and unrealistic understanding of your abilities that fuels a confidence within you that is more accurately described as delusional arrogance where you have consciously separated yourself the real world and live inside now in your own fantasy.

Your lack of knowledge and your inability to receive and accept feedback from outside sources coupled with your blatant disrespect for cultures, races, ethnic groups, religious groups, genders and anything that is outside of what you are should disqualify you from the prominent seat you hold today. Because you cannot govern, reach, motivate, or lead the people in a country as diverse as America if you can’t relate to their need.

Your need to continually lash out at a press that holds you, your words and your actions accountable rather than hear what consequences your actions or lack of action has wrought is unconscionable at best and un-American at worst. Individuals as far back as the founding fathers understood this when they saw to it the press be protected. Simply put they understood that when we allow any individual to purposely undermine the integrity of the press in order to bolster their own agenda we risk losing our democracy to the hands of tyranny.

We as Americans have a right to expect more. We have turned into a country of opposites one to the right the other to the left. Neither side willing to listen to the other. Cable news to great profit exploiting this and dictating our thinking for us. Each side more concerned with winning then doing what is right to protect the soul of this country. Each side willing to turn a blind eye to incompetence and even some of core beliefs. Willing to accept and make excuses for lies told to them that directly impacts their daily lives if the person lying carries a (R) or a (D) after their name. But we as Americans can stop this self-destructive behavior and remember it is not the politicians who were meant to govern this country it is the will of the people and the people are more complicated than a letter after someone’s name. The people face real issues and need real leaders with real answers working together to solve those issues. No vote in congress should ever come back with one side voting unanimously one way and the other side the other. That is not governing to ensure the best for the country. That is governing to ensure your side wins no matter the consequences. We as Americans must no longer turn a blind eye to incompetence and apathy. We can no longer allow the ego of one man destroy the reputation of this country as a world leader. We as Americans can not afford to support failure just to proclaim “our” side won because our blind support for anyone almost ensures the majority of us will lose.


Thank You Mr. President

Dear Mr. President

I wanted to take this moment to thank you for what you have meant to me and this country. Eight years ago I watched with tears in my eyes as you spoke to the nation from Grant Park as the first African-American President elect. I thought to myself as I watched you and your beautiful family that night, they look like me. I never thought I would say that in my lifetime but they look like me. But you were more than that, you were not just my President, you were a President of all the people as you said that night:

“We rise or fall as one nation, as one people. Let’s resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.”

Sadly many who opposed you did not take heed to those words. Rather from the very start they did everything in their power to see to it that you failed. But you never sank to the depths of their pettiness. You held firm to your principles and worked for the betterment of all people in this country. You carried yourself with dignity and class and as such you were admired not just in America but around the globe. You were a fitting face of America and you made us all proud. You not only showed us what a great leader you were but also showed the world what a true family man looks like. Forever devoted to and respectful of your loving wife Michelle, a doting father to two beautiful daughters, you are the role model to which all men should aspire to. You leave us now, despite all of the push back you had to endure, in a better place than we were 8 years ago. You will be missed but not forgotten. They will try to erase your legacy now but history always remembers and you Mr. President will be remembered as one of the great ones.

Thank you President Obama