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A Few Bad Men

Donald Trump we live in a world that has walls of racial inequities and injustices and those walls have to be torn down by groups like ours. Whose gonna do it you? You Mitch McConnell? We have a greater responsibility that you can possibly fathom. You fight to “Make America Great Again” and you curse Black Lives Matter. You have the luxury. You have the luxury of not experiencing what we do everyday, that Racism while seemingly invisible to you is an inherent part of American culture and our existence while grotesque, and incomprehensible, to you, is about making America live up to its promise that all people are created equal, about FINALLY MAKING AMERICA GREAT. We have neither the time, nor the inclination to explain ourselves, to a man who rises and sleeps under the freedoms of white privilege, and than questions why we demand equality! We’d rather you just said ‘thank you’, and went on your way. Otherwise We suggest you wake up and join us in the ever expanding Coalition of the Righteous and stand for equality. Either way, we don’t give a damn, what you think you makes America great.

The Seeds of Anger

I’m one who believes that non-violent civil unrest is the preferred course of action but  there can be no denying that when one refuses to allow everyone to drink from the trees of equality, justice and freedom they plant the seeds of anger, resentment and revolution


In keeping silent about evil

The lust for power, greed and corruption has been an intrinsic characteristic of human behavior since seemingly the beginning of our existence and while the majority of us make a conscious decision not to embrace these traits there have always been those among us who do.  Therefore it is logical to say that no single group should be considered immune to the possibility that one or more of these individuals lurks within its ranks and as such no individual or individuals should be considered above reproach simply because of the group to which they belong.

As citizens it is our moral responsibility to foster an atmosphere that strengthen the capacity of society at large to point out corruption where it exist and to build transparent and accountable systems of governance so as to ensure that the vulnerable are not take advantage of. This is especially true when the corruption is committed by those who are in power. One would imagine in a society as enlighten as we imagine ourselves to be that this is would be an easy task, but alas it is not.  For as dangerous as those who abuse their power are, equally so are the individuals who persuade the masses with the narrative that to point out the corruption of any individual or group of individuals in a particular group is an attack on that group as a whole. While evidently flawed this narrative is nevertheless an effective tool in seizing on the prejudice and fears of the average citizen. Who when confronted with evidence of such corruption tend to dismiss it on the grounds that it is an attack on and suggests an implausible degree of corruption within a group they respect as a whole.

It is fair to question the motive of the individuals who promote this narrative. It is apparent when one examines their talking points more closely that they are not concerned with the good of society but rather simply with promoting their own agenda. But for what reason? What do these individuals have to gain? Is it fame, power, money or something none of us could even begin to fathom. Whatever it may be as citizens we must not allow their noise to cower us into silence. We must remain vigilant and continue to point out with the loudest voice possible corruption at every turn and our demand for justice. For if we do not we doom society as a whole for as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote:

In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.

Blue Lives Matter – Of Course They Do We Never Said They Didn’t

So now we have the hashtag BlueLivesMatter of course they do we never said they didn’t. I speak only for myself but I believe my thoughts are the same as the vast majority of people who have been disheartened by the events in Ferguson and Staten Island. I respect and have never doubted the morals or the courage of the vast majority of men and women who are sworn to protect and serve so that our communities remain safe. If you want to show your support for police departments through #BlueLivesMatter then do so because after all the over whelming majority of police officers deserve it.

But if you are doing so only:
As way of pushing back against the #BlackLivesMatter movement;
As a way to marginalize the very real concerns of that movement;
Because you have been led to believe that those who support that movement don’t think that the lives of police matter;
Because certain media outlets in an effort to pander to the lowest common denominator among their base seek out and put their microphones in front of the few idiots who spew venom and advocate violence or concentrate their cameras on the handful of idiots who commit acts of violence while thousands protest peacefully around them simply demanding equal justice for all;

Then you are doing so for the wrong reasons.

You see it is true Black Lives Matter and it also true that Blue Lives Matter. But what is the ultimate truth is that All Lives Matter. It will not be until we as a species come to understand that will we be able to come together as a people.

Do not let those who do not want to see us come together, those who profit from division not unity frame this discussion. This is not about picking sides. This is about doing what is right. This is about ensuring that all people are treated equally and fairly.

#BlueLivesMatter of course they do we never said they didn’t.

The Ferguson decision disappointing but predictable

I’m mad this morning.

Mad because yet again our justice system has turned a blind eye and refused to afford the African-American community even the opportunity to see justice served. Remember this was not a trial. This was not a case where guilt needed to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. This was a Grand Jury proceeding and to bring an indictment in a Grand Jury proceeding one does not have to find guilt, only the probability that a crime was committed, that the accused person did it and that he/she should be tried in a court of law. Yet despite what appears clear to most – that there was the probability that a young unarmed man was gunned down without cause – this Grand Jury found otherwise. I have said it before and I’ll say it again I have the utmost respect for the men and women who each and every day protect and serve us as member of police departments around the country. But when an individual who is trusted with the power and authority of a police officer commits a crime there can be no debate, it is our moral and legal responsibility to hold that officer to the same standards of accountability, if not higher, as the standards we hold any ordinary citizen too for their actions.

Mad because once again the narrative this morning as FOX NEWS displayed across their screen is ANARCHY IN AMERICA – CHAOS IN FERGUSON. Make no mistake about it FOX there is anger and sadness but it is not only in Ferguson it is nation wide and yet we did not wake this morning to America in flames. Rather we wake as a country this morning mostly to the resigned acceptance that this decision while disappointing was predictable. Let’s be clear here the reaction in Ferguson was unfortunate and uncalled for, it will not bring back Michael Brown, it will not bring justice to his family nor will it be a catalyst for much-needed changes in the inherently flawed American justice system. But it is simple physics you can only keep a lid on a boiling pot for so long before it finally blows. You can not continue to tell a people over and over again for hundreds of years that your life and the lives of your loved ones are not as valuable as that of the next person simply because of the color of your skin.

Mad because while I have seen countless videos on YouTube of young white men interacting with police, refusing to show identification or state their name because they have constitutional rights. Young black men across America everyday live with the reality that a simple choice could cost them their lives,  a choice that wouldn’t have such an outcome had they been born a different color. An illegal turn, the wrong choice of clothes, walking in the wrong neighborhood, being seen with too many friends of color in one place.

Mad because this country still has to deal with the ignorance of racism and if you think it doesn’t, if you think Ferguson isn’t about race, go read an article on any website today about Ferguson then skim through the comments section at the bottom. After that read come back and let me know if you think racism is dead.

One of the main reasons America is great is its diversity and how that diversity has come together in one place to achieve great things. One of the main reasons America is flawed is the basic ignorance of those who refuse to acknowledge that fact

I’m mad this morning and in reality it’s because I’m sad.