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It’s not your shame

Ok, let’s get this straight Jesse Smollett is one individual; his actions do not represent the African-American or the LGBT communities. There is no reason for anyone other than Jessie Smollett to apologize or feel shame for his actions. There is no reason to fear that his actions will cause individuals to assume the next reported hate crime is a farce, though sadly, some will do just that. You don’t see white America apologizing when it is found that the story of that woman being attacked by 3 African American men turned out to be a lie. You don’t see white America stressed out that no one will take future reports of a woman being attacked by a person of color seriously. We are all connected by our human DNA. For some of us, DNA determines our skin color, and as a result, we are grouped as a race. For others, we are born attracted to the same sex, so we are placed into yet another group. No matter what group we may be labeled at our core, we are all individual human beings responsible for our actions. So do not allow others to force you or take it upon yourself to carry Mr. Smollett’s missteps as your burden because you and he share a group designation.

Once Again We Mourn

Too many times we have mourned the senseless killing of people for nothing more than racial intolerance.

There are those who will tell you racism is dead. There are those who will denounce you if you point out racism in this country. But today we mourn the loss of nine innocent souls taken from us far too early simply because of the color of their skin.

There are those who profit from promoting the dialogue of division rather than one of unity. One can only wonder what truths their souls will offer them today when they look in the mirror. Because today nine innocent souls were taken from us far too early simply because of the color of their skin.

There is no mistaking the fact that as a country we are in a better place today than were yesterday and we are marching forward toward tomorrow more and more united as a people. Bonded by our humanity, together as one, all races and all colors. As we march forward slowly we are casting aside those who look to divide us but our progress would be for naught if we did not understand that we are still a long way from the promised land, that there is still much work to do. We must remain vigilant, we must not be afraid to speak up in the face of injustice and discrimination. We must continue to call out and point fingers at those who seek to divide humanity. Because as today points out evil still lives among us.

Nine lives taken too soon-my prayers go out to their families and friends.