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Live or Exist the Choice is Yours

Life is for the bold, for those unafraid to close their eyes and take a leap with the faith that they will land in success. Sure, you can go through life playing it safe, never taking the risk to reach for that dream that would make you truly happy. But that’s not living; that’s simply existing and make no mistake from the moment you were old enough to decide if you want to live or just exist, society has been conditioning you to believe that refusing to take a risk, never reaching for your dreams and playing it safe is the right thing to do. But ask yourself, when you’re old and thinking back on your life do you want to wonder what could have been if only you had taken that leap. 

Every Second of Every Day

Embrace every second of every day because the next second is not promised. 

Never let anyone or anything stop you from reaching for and achieving your dreams every second of every day. Let no one other than yourself say what you can or can’t do, what your limits are.  Only you can control your destiny. 

Embrace those you love every second of every day. You should never take those you love for granted and assume that they will always be there.  You should never be afraid to love someone because others say you shouldn’t. Your love is from your is yours, and it is from your heart; embrace it and act on it. 

Be thankful for what you have every second of every day while striving for more. Never let someone belittle you based on material goods or economic status. It is who you are, not what you have, that defines who you are as a person. 

To embrace every second of every day is to embrace happiness

A colorless existence? Not me

You know they’re out there doubting you, laughing at your failures, talking about you behind you’re back while smiling in your face. But no matter how much they doubt you, you keep moving forward in the pursuit of your dreams. The funny thing is none of them ever dared to step off the cliff and believe they could fly. They long ago discarded their childhood’s colorful dreams instead choosing to live a colorless existence as an adult. From afar, many of them appear happy. They have a good job, house, and car, but the truth is that deep down, they despise their day to day life. They periodically think back to those childhood dreams and wonder what if, as they say in Star Trek, bodily went in the direction of those dreams. But you’re not one of them. You see your life as a blank canvass waiting for you to splash those colorful childhood dreams on to it and do what makes you happy. You work hard to achieve that happiness because you know that your dreams don’t merely manifest themselves out of thin air; you believe in yourself and are not afraid to step off that cliff, and when you fly, you know you’ll never have to wonder what if.

When Paths Cross

In life, we travel divergent paths, and along the way, we encounter people and have experiences that will shape the very essence of who we are. Each day we will cross the paths of hundreds if not thousands of other people. Some of whom will leave a lasting impression, others merely a fleeting memory. One day our path will cross another’s, and at that very moment, in that very place, it will become apparent for the first time to us what our lives were truly meant to be.
This will be the beginning of a love that we will never be able to describe in words truly. Nevertheless, when we hold each other’s hand, hear each other’s voice, see each other’s smile and look into each other’s eyes, we will understand that we share a love so passionate, so deep that we would never have believed it was possible until our paths crossed that fateful day. From that moment, we will never walk the path alone again but always together as partners, best friends, soul mates, and lovers. Along the path, there will be unknowns and obstacles, yet our love will never waver. Because we know that the foundation on which our relationship is built, trust, respect, and most importantly, love is a foundation strong enough to withstanding anything we could ever face.

Our Search is Over

Our search is over. We have finally found each other. The hurt from past relationships has molded us into who we are today. Not two bitter souls but two individuals who learned from and gained strength from heartbreak. Two hearts that were broken, having healed and ready to love again. We know that life is better when shared with someone we love who loves us back, and it is through our past heartbreak, we appreciate each other that much more. Your very presence, the sound of your voice, the touch of your hand, comforts my very soul. It sometimes seems that we have known each other forever, and while that isn’t true, I can never see myself without you again. You are not merely my lover; you are my best friend—the person who supports my dreams and keeps me moving forward in times of adversity. You always listen to me and provide me with a shoulder to lean on when needed. Each night I hold you close to my heart. Each morning I smile when your face is the first thing I gaze upon. Our love for each other is so strong that others can glance at us and feel it. Our search is over, and I couldn’t be happier.

The Winter Time Blues

The snow is coming down, and the air is cold outside. Others snuggle under the blankets talking and laughing with their partners, but I can only sit alone and stare blankly out the winter as the snow falls. It’s the wintertime blues, and at times it can be overwhelming.  But as hard as it may be I must not despair; I must not give up hope.  My life is a journey, and with each new step, new possibilities arise. As long as I continue to believe and maintain the strength to take one more step, I open myself to all those possibilities. One day that next step will lead me to that someone special, and when it does, I’ll understand what all those other steps were for. I’ll realize that all along, I was walking a path toward this moment, this person. And when I smile at that special someone for the first time, and they smile back, I’ll look back at these winter days with the understanding that all along, my journey was leading me right here, to the right place, to the right person.