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Success is your birthright but you must seize it first

Success is a birthright all of us are blessed with in one way or another. There is no doubt that for some the road to success is easier than for others but nevertheless the road is still there. But success is not guaranteed even for those with the easiest roads. Success must be seized and if not seized it will never be achieved. But do not be fooled seizing it is not that easy. There will be obstacles we all must navigate to achieve it. Some of us who will listen to the masses, the timid among us who will try and persuade us not to reach for the stars but remain in the box society has said we belong. Some of us will have to overcome those who have already seized success and wish to keep it for themselves. They will look to place barriers at every turn in our way as a means of blunting our forward motion. Some of us will be born into wealth and success but will take it for granted and will lack the desire to expand only to see what they were born into dissipate by the day. Some of us will be flooded with feelings of self doubt and fear. Fear of reaching for the stars and failing. It is only when these obstacles are no longer a part of who we are can we seize success. To this we must understand that these obstacles are not truly real they are simply a means of denying our dreams. Not only can we overcome them we can soar past them and seize our birthright. We can be the success we were meant to be.

Life is happening at this very moment

Life is happening at this very moment. With every breath I exhale all the negativity it tries to force upon me and inhale all the positivity that surrounds me. I have vowed that I will accept and embrace all experiences, even the negative ones but I will never let the negatives ones bring me down. I will learn from them, I will grow from them and I will gain strength from them. They will be a symbol of my growth a sign of my rebirth. Life is happening at this very moment and I am embracing all the wonderful possibilities it has to offer me.

Embrace the Unknown

It is the person who embraces the unknown who learns to reject fear and open their mind to new possibilities. With new possibilities comes the prospect of growth and growth is the essential process of all existence. It is when we cease to grow that we can no longer imagine what we may be able to accomplish. We stand in place and wither away. Neither bold enough to dream of a better future nor seize upon the opportunity to move forward when it presents itself.