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As my praise increases so too does my blessings ten fold

I have always believed in the existence of the Lord but too be honest their have been times my faith has wavered.  When I suffered setbacks in my life, when health issues arose I prayed to the Lord for help. When that help did not come fast enough or in a manner that I fully understood I would wonder why me? Why has the Lord forsaken me?

Lately though I have had an awaking. I have begun to understand that my conversations with the Lord could not-only be in times of despair but in times of happiness as well. That even in times of despair I needed to talk to the Lord and praise him for all that is good in my life. To understand that the times of despair while often painful as is may be it so that I am reminded of and appreciate the good that has been bestowed upon me. That no matter how difficult my situation may appear to be at that moment I still needed to praise him in his holy name. To praise him for the opportunity to simply awake that morning and walk upon beautiful this blue ball that he has blessed us with.

As my conversations with the Lord turned from only asking for help in times of tribulations but to praising him each day for all the blessings he he has bestow upon me those blessings increased ten fold. That it is his want to bless me with an abundance of good. That there is no for me need to worry that he has forsaken me but to have faith that he is working to give me the strength and courage to overcome any adversity I may be facing. For with the Lord the possibilities are endless with the Lord nothing is impossible and for that I praise him in all times.


Life is a Journey

Life is a journey, one that we were continually meant to grow on. Be happy with who you are and what you have accomplished today but never be satisfied with it instead embrace what you can be tomorrow.


Different? Of course I am – I was born to stand out

Ever had someone tell you you’re strange? Just look them in the eye and tell them of course I seem strange to you because I am different. Don’t you know I was created to stand out from the masses, to be special. You will never be able to define me. You know why? Because I refuse to live by your definition of who I am or what I can accomplish. I know my potential is unlimited and my desire to reach it boundless. I will never allow myself to be constrained by fear of failure. Yet I will not bask in my success either. No, I will simply endeavor each day to be better than I was the day before, because I was created to be special.

The pursuit of perfection

In life it is possible to meticulously plan and execute something to perfection and still not reach the desired result. Is that a failure? Should we throw our hands up and walk away from future opportunities convinced we simply are not meant to succeed? Of course not. How we deal with failure is as important as how we deal with success. We should strive for perfection with the understanding that the pursuit is just as important as reaching the goal. The pursuit is a chance for us to learn, change and grow molding us into into a better person than we were before it.

Are you ready to be unplugged

To paraphrase one of my favorite movie characters Morpheus from the Matrix what we have to understand is that most people in the world we exist in are not ready to be unplugged. Many of them so afraid of their own potential that they will fight the urge to believe in themselves, to believe that their possibilities are endless. They fight it in order to so call fit in. Your can be freed of this mindset but you can only be shown how, it is up to you to take the first step by believing in yourself. You have to let it all go. Fear, doubt, and disbelief.  Until you believe in yourself your mind like most around you remains a slave to society. Trapped in a prison you cannot taste, see or touch. A prison for your mind. But once you believe in yourself you enter a world without society’s rules or controls a world where you open yourself up to the limitless possibilities. Now the question is simply are you ready to be unplugged.

Success is your birthright but you must seize it first

Success is a birthright all of us are blessed with in one way or another. There is no doubt that for some the road to success is easier than for others but nevertheless the road is still there. But success is not guaranteed even for those with the easiest roads. Success must be seized and if not seized it will never be achieved. But do not be fooled seizing it is not that easy. There will be obstacles we all must navigate to achieve it. Some of us who will listen to the masses, the timid among us who will try and persuade us not to reach for the stars but remain in the box society has said we belong. Some of us will have to overcome those who have already seized success and wish to keep it for themselves. They will look to place barriers at every turn in our way as a means of blunting our forward motion. Some of us will be born into wealth and success but will take it for granted and will lack the desire to expand only to see what they were born into dissipate by the day. Some of us will be flooded with feelings of self doubt and fear. Fear of reaching for the stars and failing. It is only when these obstacles are no longer a part of who we are can we seize success. To this we must understand that these obstacles are not truly real they are simply a means of denying our dreams. Not only can we overcome them we can soar past them and seize our birthright. We can be the success we were meant to be.

Each New Day

When I awaken each morning it is to a feeling of happiness, enthused about the possibilities that the new day brings. Gone are the chains which many of us have been conditioned to believe, that we live in a box that society says we belong. Rather I live each day to see how far I can push myself and to what new level can I achieve. I live each day to show those who tell me it can’t be done that not only can it be done it can be done at the highest of levels. Never will I fear the unknown each new day brings instead I will embrace it. For the unknown is only a temporary lack of knowledge therefore the unknown is a chance to learn an opportunity to broaden my horizons. Yes I look forward to each new morning because to paraphrase the classic line from Star Trek goes it gives me the opportunity to bodily go where I have never gone before.