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The pursuit of perfection

In life it is possible to meticulously plan and execute something to perfection and still not reach the desired result. Is that a failure? Should we throw our hands up and walk away from future opportunities convinced we simply are not meant to succeed? Of course not. How we deal with failure is as important as how we deal with success. We should strive for perfection with the understanding that the pursuit is just as important as reaching the goal. The pursuit is a chance for us to learn, change and grow molding us into into a better person than we were before it.

Self confidence doesn’t guarantee success but lack of it guarantees failure

I have found that sometimes my self confidence does not alway equal success. Not for a lack of trying but simply because this time it didn’t work out. The setbacks did not fill me with a sense of failure. I was never afraid to get back up and try again. Why? Because I understand that while my self confidence does not always guarantee success if I allow myself to give in to self doubt it will almost always guarantee failure.

Dare to Dare

While it is true that you will never fail unless you dare to try it is equally true you will never succeed. Life is interactive sit and it will pass you by if you don’t dare to dream, dare to seize the moment, dare to manifest your own destiny. You may fail this time but that’s ok as long as you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, learn from your failure and dare to try again.