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How Could We Not See It Coming

The year is 2040 and in retrospect I wonder why we were all surprised at the fall of America. How could we have been? It had been in the making for the last 25 years.

As a people we turned a blind eye to our leader’s corruption, so there was no one to turn to when we inevitable became victims of that corruption.

As a people we let our leaders lie to us about any and everything, so there was no one to trust when we inevitable became victims of those lies.

As a people we cheered when our leader’s undermined our worldwide alliances claiming to put America first, big and bad we thoughtwe were, so there was no one willing to help us when we were in trouble.

As a people we embraced our leader’s rejection of the constitution, a document that had served us well for over 200 years, so there should have been no surprised when our government inevitably collapsed.

In retrospect how could we not have seen it coming.

Divided we stand – Just the way they like it

Replace the words “the Federation” with “a political party” and it perfectly explains the failure of America today.

Today this country is comprised of millions of citizens unwilling to put forth even the slightest effort to understand even the simplest issue and how it will impact the country as a whole. Rather they opt to take the lazy way out and simply side with the political party of their choosing. Political parties who have become experts at manipulating the 24 hour news cycle with sound bites intended to make the masses believe that their interest are being looked after. When in reality the ideas that are being put forth are not designed with the best interest of the citizens as a whole but to further enrich the country’s elite.

A tragedy for the country? Yes.

A boon for those in power, no matter what side of the aisle they sit on? Yes.

For they rely on the laziness of the citizenry as a whole and its continual distaste for knowledge to maintain division among the masses and their continued place among the elite.