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Who are we and what is our purpose?

I often find myself gazing up at the night sky, awed by the magnitude of the universe. So many stars with numerous planets revolving around them, is it possible that we are all alone? The odds alone would seem to say no, that somewhere out there is other intelligent life. But what if there isn’t? What if Earth is unique. Teeming with various species, this great blue ball we call home travels around the sun not too close and not too far, just the right distance to sustain life as we know it. The moon is our constant companion as we journey through space, unique in its size to Earth compared to other planet’s satellites, serving as a defense to shield us from asteroids and comets that would have impacted Earth. As well as serving as a significant player in the evolution of life on Earth, could all these factors just have been luck? Is life on Earth something that defied the odds and is unlikely to have happened anywhere else, or is it all part of a master design?

Since science has taught us about the creation of the universe and the evolution of life here on Earth, it has been at odds with the concept of creationism. But what if there is some truth to both? What if there is a higher force that started it all? What if the universe’s existence in all its wonder is developing the way science teaches us but is doing so as part of a higher force’s grand design? If that is so, why are we unique, as far we know, in the vastness of space? That question itself begs the answer to another question. What are we here for, what are we meant to do, meant to be?

Since the beginning of humanity, we have found ways to hate, subjugate, and kill each other based on whatever excuse is convenient at the time. We have evolved to the point that we are a danger to each other and our most important living force, Mother Earth. This could not be our purpose. We must have a greater significance, or our very existence is pointless. After all, when all the prejudices that fuel our hate are wiped away, we are all the same. We may look different, speak different languages, live on one side of imaginary lines we have divided this planet into or the other. Still, we are all human reliant on this beautiful blue ball that we seem to take for granted as we continue to abuse her. I choose to believe that if we embraced each other, showed compassion to each other, and stopped our abuse of the planet, we would be able to connect as a whole, each individual with each other and subsequently with the Earth itself. The sheer thought of what that connection would unleash within us, what we could accomplish as a species, is beyond description, and maybe just maybe that is what we are meant to accomplish. Perhaps the higher force gave us the ability to make our own decisions to see if we would embrace the concept of unity. To see if we could work together to uplift each other, to build a better society, one in which all individuals would live without the fear of hunger, homelessness, poverty, terrorism, and war. If that truly is our ultimate purpose, we are a long way from realizing it. But we have taken baby steps in the right direction as the fictional Captain Kirk once uttered – We are a promising species, and maybe in a thousand years or so, we’ll be able to prove it. After all, our existence is unique now; we must prove we are worthy of that.


Diversity it’s what makes America great

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has ended with France as the winner. During the Cup, there were bars all over America packed with Americans proudly rooting on their country of national origin. Throughout, Americans proudly celebrate their heritage. For example, Italians proudly represent Italy through their food, among other things. Mexicans do the same with Mexico, and of course, the Irish show their pride on St. Patrick’s day. As with the St. Patrick day parade, all major cities have numerous parades and celebrations throughout the year. There is the West Indian day carnival, Greek Independence Day parade, National Tartan Day Parade, which celebrates Scotland’s day of independence, Chinese New Year festival, and many others in NYC alone. This diversity is really what has made America great, as Martin Luther King Jr. stated.

“individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

Diversity isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength. It is America’s signature, people of all cultures rising above their concerns to create, innovate, and overcome obstacles to move this country forward. America is at its best when it seeks diverse points of view and looks for new insights.

Yet today, there is a growing sediment among a segment of America who wants to rebuke this diversity. Their weakness is the desire to surround themselves with people who look and think like them. Afraid to learn about other races and cultures rather content to remain isolated and stoke their prejudices based on a fear of the unknown. As Captain Kirk said

“The prejudices people feel about each other disappear when they get to know each other.” 

This fear of diversity and is counter to the idea of what America was meant to be. At the beginning of America’s Declaration of Independence, these words are written: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” The keyword is All, not some. Not only those from (insert country) or sexual orientation or cultural background, and while this country has often struggled to live up to those words, it has embraced them enough to make it the country it is today. We must continue to move forward with the concept of diversity, not step back and isolate ourselves. Isolation only leads to a society that stifles creativity and innovation and eventually withers away and dies.