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Different? Of course I am – I was born to stand out

Ever had someone tell you you’re strange? Just look them in the eye and tell them of course I seem strange to you because I am different. Don’t you know I was created to stand out from the masses, to be special. You will never be able to define me. You know why? Because I refuse to live by your definition of who I am or what I can accomplish. I know my potential is unlimited and my desire to reach it boundless. I will never allow myself to be constrained by fear of failure. Yet I will not bask in my success either. No, I will simply endeavor each day to be better than I was the day before, because I was created to be special.

Nothing just happens without a strong ethic

Self Confidence – check
Fearlessness – check
Optimism – check
Work ethic – not so much

Nothing in life just happens, successful people go out and make it happen. Just because you believe you deserve something are fearless enough to pursue it and optimistic enough to believe that the universe is going to give it you doesn’t mean it’s going to happen without you have the passion and the focus to roll up your sleeves and sweat to make it happen.

The dreams of childhood

We had no choice when we were conceived but once life is given to us we are given the choice of if we truly want to live it to its fullest. For too many of us life slowly devolves from the dreams of childhood to the commonplace existence of adulthood.  Many of us have made the conscious decision not to live our lives but to simply exist within the confines of society’s definition of who and what we should be. Afraid to be who we are for fear of others reactions to it. But it is true that if we accept this type of existence we cease to grow and the entire point of living is to grow each day, to reach for and cultivate the potential that resides within each of us. The question we must ask ourselves is do we want to grow, do we still believe in those childhood dreams. If we answer honestly we would say yes we want those dreams that were extinguished as we entered adulthood.  Dreams that were replaced by the so called practical mindset favored by the masses. The same masses who drudge their way through a colorless existence. But we are not meant to live a colorless existence. Our lives are meant to be represented by the full spectrum of color. But if we continue being honest with ourselves we would have to admit that many of us are afraid to step out of the box.  So now the unclear question is how do we get there? How do we reject society’s image of what we want to be? It is not an easy answer it requires an unwavering belief in one self and abilities. The fearlessness to take that step off the cliff and believe you will fly when most will tell you man is not meant to fly. But what you must understand is those who tell you can’t fly neither have the self confidence to believe they can or the fearlessness to try. It is your belief in yourself that will not only allow you to fly but soar with eagles. Gone will be the colorless mundane of a life you were drudging through replaced by a life filled with vibrant colors we seek and new possibilities every day.

Dreams don’t manifest themselves

There are those among us who believe that the universe will simply manifest their dreams into reality before their eyes. A nice thought but dreams do not simply manifest themselves, dreams are seized by those of us who work to make them a reality. Seized by those of us who reject fear of failure, believe in possibilities and our potential to make those possibilities a reality. Without the belief in one self none of this is possible but when we start to believe in ourselves anything is possible. We all have faith in one self it is just being held back by fear and self doubt. But the same effort we put into holding onto those emotions can be put into unleashing our self confidence. We simply need to set goals for ourselves, have the courage to act upon them and visualize our success. Once we have unleashed that belief in ourself anything is possible and we won’t have to wait around for our dreams to magically manifest themselves we will have it within ourselves to seize them.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t follow your dreams?

Have you ever wondered why you don’t follow your dreams?
Is it because society says you can’t succeed?
Is it because society tell you it’s not practical?
Is it because your dreams do not fit in with society’s view of what you should be?
If this is what you believe then it is simply what your mind has been conditioned to believe by those who have broken the same chains that now in-prison your mind. They are only concerned with maintaining their power and wealth. But there are those of us who have also broken those chains and achieved our dreams who welcome you. How do you join us? Two simple steps. First you reject the fear of failure and believe that you will succeed. Second you don’t let anyone define who you are, you define yourself. Sounds simple? Well it’s not so simple. Because of how your mind has been conditioned it takes a strong sense of self to accomplish those two steps. You must believe that when you step off the cliff you can fly while understanding that even if you don’t at first it is all about going back to the edge and trying again until you not only fly but soar. Once you achieve that sense of self and you know who you are nothing and no one can stop you from achieving your dreams.

How do I succeed? I believe I can

I find the only way to succeed is to believe you can. With that belief each morning I look in the mirror and introduce myself to a better person then the one I was yesterday then I remind myself that;

I will minimize my fear of the unknown.
I will maximizing my embrace of all the possibilities the unknown present.

I will minimize my reliance on destiny to succeed.
I will maximize my actions and seize the moment.

I will minimize the importance of how others define me.
I will maximize the importance of how i define myself.

I will minimize the self doubt holding me back.
I will maximize the self esteem that will propel me forward.

I will minimize my view of yesterday’s failure.
I will maximize my view of tomorrow’s success.

Then I brush my teeth smile at that person in the mirror and go out into the world ready to tap into the endless potential that resides within me

The voice within

Center yourself, let all of the negativity go, close your eyes and listen closely. Do you hear the voice within you imploring you to take hold off your destiny, to seize all the possibilities in front of you. That voice that is normally muted by negativity such as self doubt. Do you hear the voice telling you that you are worthy of all your dreams and that you have the potential to achieve them if only you have the courage to reach for them. You hear it now don’t you? The voice is getting louder and it is telling you that you are living a generic existence one in which you have fooled yourself into believing that you are happy to just blend in and take no chances.  But deep down you know you are capable of much more, that your destiny is one of greatness. Finally the voice tells you to release all doubt, to stop looking for excuses not to reach for your dreams and reach for them. Now open your eyes, go out today and begin to manifest your true destiny.