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The Uptown Number 2 Train

The computerized voice boomed crystal clear over the speakers,

This is the uptown Number 2 train 42nd street, next stop 72nd street. Stand clear of the closing doors.

Another part of old New York City gone I thought, the indecipherable voice of the subway conductor.

On most nights my commute is like a Beats headphone commercial. You know the one where the athlete put on the headphones and shuts out everything in the world around them. I just want to close my eyes, turn up the music and pretend I am anywhere but where I am at that moment. But this Friday evening as I stood in my favorite spot, front of the car back against the forward-facing door, I decided to amuse myself and pass the time by observing my fellow uptown number 2 commuters and this spot is perfect as it affords me a vantage point of the entire car and its occupants. Tonight’s crowd included the usual suspects. The business men in their expensive suits boasting to each other about the big deal they just closed or bitching about the big deal that got away. Funny how every time one got away it was never their fault but the fault of some co-worker’s incompetence, or at least that how they told it. There was the blue-collar crowd fresh off another exhausting 12-hour shift. Happy to be going home yet too tired to show it. And of course, there were the millennials. Happily texting on their smart phones, joking and laughing with each other and telling each other how they think they’re going to quit their job because they have been there three months already and they just don’t think they’re making an impact that can change the world. This is New York I thought and we all probably need some type of therapy but this group, the millennials, they were probably in need of more therapy than anyone else. All in all, it was just your usual cast of characters on a Friday night uptown number 2.

Then I spied them, the couple sitting in the middle of the car. She had long straight hair with several colors and was dressed in an ankle length tie dye skirt and a tan tee-shirt with sunflowers on it. Her wrist was adorned with several bracelets that went halfway up her arm. She appeared to be in her mid-40s and upon closer inspection it was evident to whoever bothered to look she was very striking. He was sporting a scruffy looking beard and wearing glasses, blue jeans and a long sleeve pull over shirt. His attire was not nearly as eccentric as hers except for his straight out of the 80s canvas Pro Keds, high tops and bright red. Despite what her hippy look and his red high top Keds might have inferred about them they were engrossed not in some counter-culture discussion but the New York Times crossword puzzle. I noticed they sat as close as you could get to one another, her leg draped over his. They argued, they laughed and got legitimately excited when they figured out a particularly hard clue. They constantly looked directly into each other eyes and smiled. And it was the look in their eyes that gave away what should have been painfully obvious to me by that point, they were very much in love and likely had been so for a very long time. This couple is in their own Beats commercial I thought. Nothing around them mattered and despite the noise the only sound they heard were each other’s voices Their world was each other and nothing else mattered and it was clear that was alright with them.

This is the uptown Number 2 train 96th street, next stop 110th street Central Park North

He stood folding the paper and said this is us. They gave each other a quick kiss and instinctively grabbed for each other hand as they strolled off the train. Their interaction with each other brought a smile to my face. One that was much-needed after a long week at work and the desire to reaffirm my fragile belief in the concept of love.

Stand clear of the closing doors the computerized voice boomed crystal clear over the speakers.




Each Day

Each day I am with you my life is little more enriched, brighten by just knowing you are my partner,  My soul burns so bright with the knowledge that we are together and you are the woman who I wake up to everyday. That feeling comes from the aura that you give off, the good person that you are inside and out. I will never let anything happen to you, I will always try to be there to help carry your load when you want me to, when you need me to. No judgments, no preconceived thoughts, just me here for you because I love you

Others may think

Others may believe that we are not meant to be they may fill your head with such nonsense. Others may try to take my place in your heart but they will never have as big a place in their heart for you as I have in mine. You may look at the rocky times we’ve gone through and ask is all worth it to try again. But I see in your eyes, they betray you, in those eyes I see the love that still burns with-in your heart. I believe deep down you know what I know.

That a love like ours is special.
That a passion like ours is special
That we were meant to be together
That we are stronger as us than as you and I
That together there is nothing we can’t overcome

Home is Us

It’s been a long business trip and I cannot wait to be home again. Can’t wait until we are together again. Each sunrise I wake I reach for you but the sad truth is the space beside me is empty.

I miss holding you in my arms at night.
I miss seeing your beautiful eyes.
I miss the smile on your face.

I’ll be home soon because home is where I belong. Home is you and I. Home is us and I miss us

Here for you…Always

Today as with many of the past few days I know you have been feeling overwhelmed. You put so much on your shoulders, you blame yourself for so much. I see all this and there seems to be so little I can do to help. It is frustrating for me as I wish I could simply take you in my arms and make everything better for you but sadly life is not that easy. We each have to deal with our issues in our own way. However, for all of us it is easier dealing with our issues when we know that there is someone who loves us, there to pick us up when we fall, lean on when we cry, stand at a distance when we need space yet be ready to be there when you are ready for them to be. I want you to know that I am that person. Because while I know that it can not solve everything my love for you will always be there whenever you need it.

My Vows to You

We have taken divergent paths to this day, this moment. Along the way the people we have encountered, the experiences we have lived have shaped the very essence of who we are.

Today those paths meet at this place, at this moment and for the first time it is clear to me what my life is truly for.

Here I stand ready to commit my heart, my soul and my life to you forever, ready to take the first step on a new path with you by my side, my partner, my best friend, my soul mate.

As with any path there are unknowns ahead, obstacles along the way, but with you by my side I have no fear. There is no doubt in my heart and soul that the strength of our relationship, a relationship build on trust, respect and love will carry us through anything we may face.

This ceremony will make you my wife but you are so more to me.

You are my partner who will walk beside me the rest of my life.

You are my best friend who will not only listen but hear me.

You are my soul mate whose heart beats in unison with mine.

My love for you is unwavering and it truly can not be described by words but when I hold your hand, when I hear your voice, when I see your smile, when I look into your eyes, there is a feeling of love deep in my heart that I had never known until you walked into my life. A feeling that so overwhelms me with emotion and makes me so grateful to be standing here on this day, at this moment with you by my side

My partner, my best friend, my soul mate, and in a few short minutes my wife

Lost love

They say time heals all wounds, but time apart from you only grows more painful everyday

I long to hear your voice
see your smile
Hold you in my arms
Caress your skin
Kiss your lips
Hold your body next to mine

Given one more chance I know I would make it right. Be the partner you so deserves, be the man you desire. If you choose to walk away my heart would be lost forever