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Today our difference divide us perhaps tomorrow we will be better and our differences will be our strength.

I am pleased to see that we have differences.
May we together become greater than the sum of both of us.

-Surak of Vulcan

I am the child of Charles and Frances Cooke two African-Americans born in the early 1900s in the southern part of the United States. As such I have always identified myself as African-American and from time to time was reminded of this by society. From being chased out of a park while being called a nigger when I was 10, having a police officer point a gun at my head when I was 15 simply because I made the mistake of tossing a football around the yard of a white friend who lived in the suburbs, to being pulled over numerous times in my early 20s despite not fitting the “profile” because as kind of a nerd I normally had on penny loafers with argyle socks and matching sweater but my skin color was still the wrong shade.

While my self identification is the result of being raised, loved, and natured by two exceptional individuals who themselves were also African-American I am also adopted, a fact that was kept hidden from me until my late 30s. I know nothing of my biological father other than the fact that he wasn’t African-American. Recently I completed one of those DNA test and found out I was in fact 54.6% Sub-Saharan African and 43.9% European. Interesting I thought as I looked at my results how many of those Europeans had looked at me and seen just the color of my skin and thought of me as inferior? How many of them don’t look like me but have a similar ancestry? Does it really matter what my ancestry is? Does it define how I should live my life?

Our ancestry defines our culture and to a large extend our culture is a leading factor in defining who we are. But while it is a leading factor it does not change the fact that we are all human. Humans with differences but humans nevertheless. It is our differences that If embraced instead of feared would in fact make us stronger as a species. The sun, Earth’s primary source of energy, emits white light but that white light is actually a composite of all of the visible frequencies of light. Without the differences all the colors bring there would be no light at all. So is the case with the human species? Where would we be without our many differences? How would we advance and grow without the varied contributions of so many cultures?

The question before us now is how do we begin to embrace our differences as a species when our entire existence shows we let those differences divide us. Seemingly there is no answer to that. Man has always fostered a sense of loyalty rooted in group identity. We pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer has always been mankind’s rallying call. I am pessimistic about our ability to overcome the us versus them mentality in the short term. However I am optimistic that the human is a very promising species and as Captain Jean Luc Picard once said “inside you is the potential to make yourself better…and that is what it is to be human. To make yourself more than you are.” Today our difference divide us perhaps tomorrow we will be better and our differences will be our strength.

Why Do The Humans Hate Each Other?

Alien #1: Looking at the humans again?

Alien #2: Of course, they have always puzzled me.They are
simultaneously remarkable yet an unadvanced civilization.

Alien #1: I concur they are blessed with such vivid
imaginations and curiosity and they have come so far in such a short period of

Alien #2: Indeed one can only imagine what they would be capable of if they
only realized the obvious.

Alien #1: That they are one people?

Alien #2: Of course

Alien #1: What is remarkable is that their history has shown time and time
again the error of their ways yet they refuse to work together for the
betterment of their world.

Alien #2: True, they choose to kill and oppress each other from what what I
can best guess are imaginary lines they themselves have drawn in the ground,
religious belief systems they themselves have invented, the amount of melonin
in their skinand a host of other nonsensical things.

Alien #1: Do not try and make sense of it as it it has always been their
way. Frankly I am amazed they have advanced this far. It is unfornutate and
there is no denying that in time it will be their downfall.

Alien #2: Such a waste but on the bright side this beautiful ball they
reside on is rather unique and breath taking and their actions will undoubtly
leave it vacant and move in ready.

The Many Faces of America

According to the Department of Homeland Security, White supremacist present the gravest terror threat to the United States of America. 

White Supremacists are ignorant people who believe that white people are superior to everyone else, especially blacks. They feel that America is “their” country and that the rise economically, socially, and politically of people of color is a clear and present danger to what they believe is America’s real face. These people have always been a part of America’s fabric, spewing their hate, but over the last four years, they have become emboldened once again. Encouraged by a President who spews the same hatred, and with a wink and a smile tacitly approves of their actions. He does this not only because he is a racist, but to maintain power for himself by using their hate and belief that he is the last line of defense to keeping the face of America white. But you know the truth? America has no face. America has many faces. The Democratic National Convention offered us all a look at the present and future of America. How refreshing it was to see so many faces. White, Black, Latino and Asian; Men and Women; Straight and Gay; Young and Old, Progressives and Moderates. You can agree or disagree with their politics. Still, you can’t deny that everyone watching could personally identify with someone who spoke at that convention, and that’s what makes America great.  

We are a country of many different races, ethnicities, beliefs, religions, sexualities, economic levels, and social views, an incredible mosaic woven together to form the very fabric of America. It was the founding fathers who imagined this America when they declared independence from British rule proudly stating:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.

At the time, it was more of an ideal than something practiced, there was still the sins of slavery and the displacement of Native Americans from their homeland, but it was the ideal this nation was founded on never the less. Today there are still those who believe America was greatest when segregation was the rule of the day when opportunities for women in the workplace were far, and few between, when being gay was meet with societal shame. That America is no more. America is changing, not fast enough, but it is changing and evolving beyond its past prejudices. We are now the majority; we are the coalition of the righteous. Our rise is why domestic terrorism is on the rise; it is why a segment of society willingly turns a blind eye to Trump’s corruption, lies, and cling to his mantra of hate and division and a time when most Americans are coming together to reject it. Armed with automatic weapons, they brazenly walk through our communities. They are afraid of the new America, unwilling to open themselves up to anyone or anything different from themselves and what they believe to be right. This is their last stand, and they know it. However, the momentum is against them; the new America is here, and it has many faces.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. It is, after all, the idea that America was founded on.

This Law of Attraction Thing Must Be Real, Because Here You Are

They say the Law of Attraction uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. If that’s true, then you and I are the result of that law.

For the longest time I dreamed about finding someone with not only your physical beauty but also the quality that truly captures my heart and mind your brilliant intellect. It was obvious from the start that I had been dreaming about you all along.

Dreaming that once I found you we would begin a relationship so passionate everyone around us would feel the heat it generates. And they do!

Dreaming that we would work together to conquer any obstacles in the way of our happiness. And we do!

Dreaming that we would connect on such a level all we needed to do was look at each other and know what the other was thinking. And we do!

I believed in you before I even knew you, you are everything I ever dreamed about. So, you know what? This law of attraction thing must be real, because here you are.


My Success? My Success is You

I looked up from my laptop across the living room at you, your head buried in your laptop. Once again, we were together physically in the same room, but mentally and emotionally, we may as well have been on different continents. What happened to us? Once our passion was so strong, all we could do was think about each other lately though we were going through the motions.
We had become more committed to our work than we were to each other. In the chase for professional and monetary success, we forgot that feeling we had when all we had was each other. The anticipation of seeing each other’s smile. The warmth of being in each other presence. The safety of being in each other’s embrace and the feel of our lips pressed against each other. We had convinced ourselves that our happiness could be found in a number and that through hard work, we would achieve that number and have everything we wanted in life. Everything that was except what truly made us happy, we forgot about each other.
So, at that moment, I put down my work and walked across the living room, and pushed your laptop aside. Before you could protest, I pulled you close and kissed you like I hadn’t kissed you in a long time. Every bit of passion I had kept hidden from you over the years. Every time I had wanted to tell you how much I loved you but didn’t because I was too busy was all in that single kiss. A single kiss that joined two souls that once were inseparable back together.
You looked at me, a bit confused, and then asked where did that come from? But before I could respond, you placed a finger on my lips to quiet me and said, you don’t need to say it; your kiss already did, and yes, I missed us too.
From that day on, we have never taken each other for granted. We have never let work or the pursuit of money come between us. Sure, we still strived for professional success, but we made sure to keep that chase in perspective. Because after all, my love for you is the biggest success of my life.