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Yet the world looks on in relative silence

A terror attack occurs and the world stops, world leaders gather, people change their Facebook profile. All of this and the world’s outrage is without question perfectly justified. As a people we have a moral responsibility to never stand by quietly when terrorist activities take the lives of even one innocent soul.

But terror is not always so well publicized. Terror doesn’t always cause the world to stop and say no more. Terror doesn’t always bring with it the outrage it should. Sometimes the world looks on in relative silence.

Today we learned of yet another 65 innocent souls lost as the slaughter of the people of Nigeria continues at the hands of a terrorist group led by the mad man Boro Haram. Yet the world looks on in relative silence.

In 2014 alone the highly respected Nigeria Security Tracker, compiled by the U.S.-based Council on Foreign Relations, found that over 6,000 people were killed in clashes between Boko Haram and Nigerian forces in 2014. 6,000 innocent souls. Men, women and yes children, the most innocent of souls lost to hatred in one year alone. Yet the world looks on in relative silence.

Selective outrage is unacceptable. If we are ever to drive evil out of this world we must stand strong against it in every circumstance. No matter the color, gender, religion or place of birth of the victim. We can no longer afford as a people to look on in relative silence.