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Blue Lives Matter – Of Course They Do We Never Said They Didn’t

Now we have the hashtag BlueLivesMatter; of course, they do. We never said they didn’t. I speak only for myself, but I believe my thoughts are the same as the vast majority of people who the events of Ferguson and Staten Island have disheartened. I respect and have never doubted the morals or the courage of the vast majority of men and women who are sworn to protect and serve so that our communities remain safe. If you want to show your support for police departments through #BlueLivesMatter, then do so because, after all, the overwhelming majority of police officers deserve it.
But if you are doing so only:
As a way of pushing back against the #BlackLivesMatter movement;
As a way to marginalize the genuine concerns of that movement;
Because you have been led to believe that those who support that movement don’t think that the lives of police matter;
Because certain media outlets, to pander to the lowest common denominator among their base, seek out and put their microphones in front of the few idiots who spew venom and advocate violence or concentrate their cameras on the handful of idiots who commit acts of violence while thousands protest peacefully around them simply demanding equal justice for all;
Then you are doing so for the wrong reasons.
You see, it is true Black Lives Matter, and it also true that Blue Lives Matter. It will not be until we as a species come to understand that we will come together as a people. Do not let those who do not want to see us come together, profit from division, not unity, frame this discussion. This is not about picking sides. This is about doing what is right. This is about ensuring that all people are treated equally and fairly.