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Hate = Ugly – Unity = Beauty

There is nothing more ugly than division and hate for each other with the exception of those who promote it for personal gain. One day they will have to stand before the creator and justify the unjustifiable. 

There is nothing more beautiful than unity and compassion for each other. Blessings shall be showered unto those of us who who practice it. For we all God’s children regardless of what we may look like.



Quiet it’s raining now

Open yourself up and be quiet now for it is raining. Let your body be still and listen closely
and you will hear. There are those who curse the rain unable or unwilling to process its pure essence. Rain talks to us, it cleanse the earth, it cleanse the soul. No one shower is quite like another. Let your eyes gaze upon the beauty of the sky as it randomly lights up from the bolts of lightning. Feel the cool upon your skin on a sultry summer day. Hear it’s yell as it unleashes its booming thunderclaps, hear it’s soft whisper as its drizzle touches down beneath our feet. Allow yourself to open all your senses it and you will understand it. You will feel it’s very essence deep within your soul. Rain is nature’s way of talking us, showing us her power and beauty. Guiding us through the darkness, providing the elements that can both wash away the past and seed a new beginning. So open yourself up and be quiet now for it is raining and there is nothing more beautiful than that.



Beautiful mindThe unique thing about women is that they have an abundance of qualities that men admire, find sexy and fall in love with, but only one can quality can truly captures a true man’s mind, heart and soul and that is intellect.

Intellect is the ability to learn and reason;

Intellect is the capacity for knowledge and understanding;

Intellect is the ability of the human mind to come to correct conclusions about what is true or real, and about how to solve problems.

It is intellect that provides one with the abilities to build a foundation on which love will grow and flourish.

It is intellect that provides one with the guidance required to make difficult decisions when raising a family.

It is intellect that provides one with the confidence to navigate the rough waters all relationship stumble upon.

Like all men I can and have been captivated by a beautiful face and a pretty smile, but at the end of the day There is nothing sexier, and no one I would rather spend my life with, than a woman with a beautiful mind.