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Democracy’s bright light

Democracy is a bright light that can
only be dimmed when the populous
no longer excepts honesty, integrity
and a high moral character from its
leaders. When they no longer educate themselves but rather allow a small
minority to shape their perspective.
Democracy’s bright light can not be
extinguished from the outside but can be suffocated from within by apathy and
lack of knowledge of the very populous
that it is supposed to represent.


The tears of a child

The tears of a child
The desperation of a parent
The signs of devastation all around

The laughter of the young
The comfort of a parent
The signs of abundance all around

This divides plays itself around the world. A world that is unique among our known cosmos. Blessed with a variety of natural resources when if shared correctly would eliminate the suffering amongst us. Sadly we have decided that the chase for monetary wealth should be prioritized over the well being of our fellow human. The irony being that the overwhelming number of us are more likely to be victims of devastation then beneficiaries of a great wealth.

Incompetence, apathy and a reliance on an unhealthy Ego is no way to run a country

It is far easier to hide behind lies and cry that you are being targeted by fake news then it is to actually roll up your sleeves immerse yourself in the job and require the knowledge needed to govern correctly. It is your unhealthy belief in yourself and unrealistic understanding of your abilities that fuels a confidence within you that is more accurately described as delusional arrogance where you have consciously separated yourself the real world and live inside now in your own fantasy.

Your lack of knowledge and your inability to receive and accept feedback from outside sources coupled with your blatant disrespect for cultures, races, ethnic groups, religious groups, genders and anything that is outside of what you are should disqualify you from the prominent seat you hold today. Because you cannot govern, reach, motivate, or lead the people in a country as diverse as America if you can’t relate to their need.

Your need to continually lash out at a press that holds you, your words and your actions accountable rather than hear what consequences your actions or lack of action has wrought is unconscionable at best and un-American at worst. Individuals as far back as the founding fathers understood this when they saw to it the press be protected. Simply put they understood that when we allow any individual to purposely undermine the integrity of the press in order to bolster their own agenda we risk losing our democracy to the hands of tyranny.

We as Americans have a right to expect more. We have turned into a country of opposites one to the right the other to the left. Neither side willing to listen to the other. Cable news to great profit exploiting this and dictating our thinking for us. Each side more concerned with winning then doing what is right to protect the soul of this country. Each side willing to turn a blind eye to incompetence and even some of core beliefs. Willing to accept and make excuses for lies told to them that directly impacts their daily lives if the person lying carries a (R) or a (D) after their name. But we as Americans can stop this self-destructive behavior and remember it is not the politicians who were meant to govern this country it is the will of the people and the people are more complicated than a letter after someone’s name. The people face real issues and need real leaders with real answers working together to solve those issues. No vote in congress should ever come back with one side voting unanimously one way and the other side the other. That is not governing to ensure the best for the country. That is governing to ensure your side wins no matter the consequences. We as Americans must no longer turn a blind eye to incompetence and apathy. We can no longer allow the ego of one man destroy the reputation of this country as a world leader. We as Americans can not afford to support failure just to proclaim “our” side won because our blind support for anyone almost ensures the majority of us will lose.