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They tell you can’t – but the truth is you can

They say you can’t do it.
They say you will never reach your goals.
They say you live in the clouds.
They say you will never amount to anything.
They say it so many times that soon you start to think it is the truth.

But the truth is they say it not because it is true, but to keep you in a box. To stop you from reaching for and achieving what they already have.  Your ability to do it, reach your goals, live in the clouds, be someone special depends not on what they want you to think you can do but what you believe is possible.

For many of us it is not easy to step outside of that box they say you belong in. It takes courage, confidence in your abilities, a strong sense of self esteem and a knowledge that stepping out of the box is simply freeing your mind of the chains they wish to keep it locked under and allowing it to soar to the heights it was always meant too.


Choices, I have made choices that seemed like the right thing to do at the time, choices that ultimately  wound up setting me back. With each setback came those who were quick to point out where I had failed. But their finger pointing could never define me as a failure. Not because of arrogance or ego but because while I may have stumbled, my belief in myself gave me the strength to stand back up and wipe the dust from hands. The knowledge to understand that my choice while unsuccessful was but another block on which my future success would be built and the patience to realize that when I arrive at that success I will be a better person for having looked adversity right in the eye and still came out standing proud and tall.

2017 time to soar

2017 is here and it is time for us to reach for our dreams and soar above the clouds.

There will be those who will tell us that we can’t do it but we will ask them why can’t we.

There will be those who will tell us we’ve come as far as we can go and we will look at them and take another step.

There will be those who will tell us that there are boundaries to what we can achieve and we will tell them that we have never been confined by imaginary boundaries.

There will be those who will tell us we are dreamers and we will tell them that we have always believed there are possibilities.

There will be those who will tell us others have tried and failed and we will tell them we can achieve what few would even dare dream possible.

Then there will be those who will ask us how they can join us and we will tell them that first they must let go of what they have been taught to believe is possible. That they must let go off the fictitious boundaries that exist only in their own minds.  That they must let go of society’s confined vision of them. That once they let go of these things they will see that life offers them an array of endless possibilities and once they see that then they’ll be ready to soar above the clouds.

Are you ready

My Mortality

With the passing of Carrie Fisher, yet another celebrity from my youth, I am reminded of my own mortality. Lost is the fantasy that my time on this Earth is not infinite but a blink of an eye. That I am no longer the young superhero I believed myself to be. It underscores the fact that every second of every minute of every day I am able to lay my eyes upon friends and loved ones is truly a blessing. That spending time looking at the glass as half empty instead of half full, grumbling about what I don’t have and getting myself caught up in the chase for material wealth has skewed my view of what is truly important. That my happiness does not exist out there but rather inside of myself in my spiritual wealth, health, family and friends. It is with this realization that I have come to understand that each day should be seized and enjoyed. That I should live my life doing that which makes me happiest because I truly do not know if I will be here tomorrow. That I should aspire each day to bring a smile to the face of those I love because there is no guarantee that they will be here tomorrow. It through the tragic losses of 2016 that I am reminded just how precious each day of my life is because no tomorrow is guaranteed.