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the search for the one

Each Day

Each day I am with you my life is little more enriched, brighten by just knowing you are my partner,  My soul burns so bright with the knowledge that we are together and you are the woman who I wake up to everyday. That feeling comes from the aura that you give off, the good person that you are inside and out. I will never let anything happen to you, I will always try to be there to help carry your load when you want me to, when you need me to. No judgments, no preconceived thoughts, just me here for you because I love you


Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually. If that’s true you and I and what we are is the result of this law. For the longest I had thought about finding someone like you. Someone with not only physical beauty but the quality that would truly captures my mind, heart and soul and that is intellect. I dreamed that once I found you we would begin a relationship that was so passionate that everyone around us could feel the heat it would generate. So strong that we would work together to conquer any obstacles in the way of our happiness. That we would connect on such a level mentally that we could look at each other and know what the other was thinking. And now here you are everything I had thought. I believed in you before I even knew you. Proof that this law of attraction thing really works.

Others may think

Others may believe that we are not meant to be they may fill your head with such nonsense. Others may try to take my place in your heart but they will never have as big a place in their heart for you as I have in mine. You may look at the rocky times we’ve gone through and ask is all worth it to try again. But I see in your eyes, they betray you, in those eyes I see the love that still burns with-in your heart. I believe deep down you know what I know.

That a love like ours is special.
That a passion like ours is special
That we were meant to be together
That we are stronger as us than as you and I
That together there is nothing we can’t overcome

Make it a kiss

Don’t wait to show her you love her. Tonight walk up to her and pull her close. Look into her eyes but utter not a sound for no words are needed in this moment. Lean in and kiss her but not just any kiss make it a kiss so sensual, so passionate that it leaves her lost in the moment of a kiss like no kiss she has ever experienced. Make it a kiss that reminds her how special she is, how beautiful she is, how sexy she is. Make it a kiss that reminds her that no other woman could ever stir your emotions like she can. Make it a kiss that messes up her lipstick in a way her lipstick has never been messed up before. Make it a kiss that when it is over her body quivers with anticipation of your lips meeting once again. Make it a kiss that without any words uttered says I love you. Don’t just kiss her make it a kiss!

Home is Us

It’s been a long business trip and I cannot wait to be home again. Can’t wait until we are together again. Each sunrise I wake I reach for you but the sad truth is the space beside me is empty.

I miss holding you in my arms at night.
I miss seeing your beautiful eyes.
I miss the smile on your face.

I’ll be home soon because home is where I belong. Home is you and I. Home is us and I miss us

Here for you…Always

Today as with many of the past few days I know you have been feeling overwhelmed. You put so much on your shoulders, you blame yourself for so much. I see all this and there seems to be so little I can do to help. It is frustrating for me as I wish I could simply take you in my arms and make everything better for you but sadly life is not that easy. We each have to deal with our issues in our own way. However, for all of us it is easier dealing with our issues when we know that there is someone who loves us, there to pick us up when we fall, lean on when we cry, stand at a distance when we need space yet be ready to be there when you are ready for them to be. I want you to know that I am that person. Because while I know that it can not solve everything my love for you will always be there whenever you need it.