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Never Let Emotions Rule The Day

The smart leader does not let their emotions rule the day; they do not act when their emotions run high. When it is expected that they act in an irrational manner the smart leader will take a step back and breath. They will allow their emotions to wane. For a smart leader understands when emotions are running high their judgment becomes clouded and their choices become flawed. They understand when emotions run high failure is almost assuredly a fait accompli. Instead the smart leader channels their emotions and focuses on the situation in front of them. It is only after they have reviewed the circumstances at hand and formulated a plan grounded in logic and reason rather than emotions will the smart leader move forward and when they do they will most assuredly seize the day.


In times of struggle a great leader will stand with and by their people. It is this loyalty that serves as an inspiration to those they lead. An inspiration to aspire and accomplish great deeds, to overcome the struggle.

Those who believe themselves to be leaders but remain in the background in times of struggle, shielding themselves at the expense of their people,
acting more like cowards than leaders, inspire nothing more than contempt and are ultimately doomed to fail.


It is the foolish leader who believes they do not have to acquire the require knowledge to lead. In all things knowledge is essential, without it a person’s leadership is simply an illusion based on nothing more than bravado and arrogance and ultimately it is doomed to failure.


Your time has now passed and your chance to stand up and be a leader is forever lost. History will record that your last stand be defined as an act of cowardice. Your delusions of grandeur extinguished by a power far greater than the one you had hoped to ascend to. Now one can only wonder if you think to yourself how you could have made a difference, how your last stand could have been that of a leader rather than that of a coward.