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Fear is not a leadership trait

To lead by fear is fleeting because like children
people soon realize the boogeyman doesn’t really exist and is nothing to fear. Without the fear their imagined power disappears. A real leader doesn’t rely on fear rather they thrive on integrity, intelligence and truth. They inspire people rather than scaring them. They encourage people to embrace change and reach for greatness rather than remain stagnant by hiding behind a wall of fear.

Your own high standards are the keys to success

Ray Kroc once commented “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” Setting high standards for yourself will force you to push yourself to achieve your potential, to grow each day, to be better than you were yesterday. You believe that you will accomplish this growth through hard-work and integrity. You are both a visionary and a creative mind seeing the possibilities where others don’t and the ways to achieve them. There is a persistence in your focus, you will not allow set backs to deter you from reaching your goals. You will not stop until you succeed. Most importantly your actions inspire those you lead to work hard to reach their full potential as well. To live up the same high standards you set for yourself by working hard, and not cutting corners. They take on the mantra of a commitment to excellence This undoubtedly leads to a greater chance of success not only for them but your business as well. Because while bosses demand excellence from employees, leaders inspire employees to achieve it. You simply can not have low standards for yourself and expect those around you to operate with high standards simply. because you order it. Businesses undoubtedly take on the characteristics of the person in charge. The moral to this story? It’s simple the best way to motivate your staff to fulfill their potential and ensure your business’s success is to live your life with a set of high standard. Do that and those you lead will be inspired to follow.

True leadership can’t be faked

It is those individuals who believe themselves to be leaders but are too lazy to acquire the knowledge required to effectively lead. Who remain in the background in times of adversity and struggle, shielding themselves at the expense of those around them instead pointing fingers at others. Those who look to take all the credit for success but deflect responsibility for failure are not leaders but rather cowards. Their actions inspire nothing more than contempt from those they are tasked with leading and their tenure is ultimately doomed to fail.

Great leaders understand as spider man once said with great power comes great responsibility. They stand by their people. They do not look to point fingers as a way of absolving themselves but understand that as the leader they must be willing to stand up and accept the criticism for each failure. They immerse themselves in the job understanding in all things knowledge is essential because without it their leadership is simply an illusion based on nothing more than bravado and arrogance.

The time for these individuals is usually short and once their time has passed and their chance to stand up and be a leader is forever lost history will record that their tenure to be nothing but a delusion of grandeur extinguished by a power far greater than they had hoped to ascend to, the power of the masses. Leaving them with nothing but time to wonder how they could have been a leader rather than coward.


Never Let Emotions Rule The Day

The smart leader does not let their emotions rule the day; they do not act when their emotions run high. When it is expected that they act in an irrational manner the smart leader will take a step back and breath. They will allow their emotions to wane. For a smart leader understands when emotions are running high their judgment becomes clouded and their choices become flawed. They understand when emotions run high failure is almost assuredly a fait accompli. Instead the smart leader channels their emotions and focuses on the situation in front of them. It is only after they have reviewed the circumstances at hand and formulated a plan grounded in logic and reason rather than emotions will the smart leader move forward and when they do they will most assuredly seize the day.