Jim Harbaugh, here we go again hitting the recycle button

Let me go on record with this. I think Jim Harbaugh is a good guy and what he did this year for University staff who were economically impacted by covid was beyond generous. That said, some NFL franchise will be smitten by the memory of him unleashing Colin Kapernick on the NFL and the success those 49ers teams had and overpay him. In doing so, they will overlook that in his time at Michigan, his teams constantly underperformed, their offense was usually unimaginative, and their defense nothing to write home about

Most importantly, they came up short in the big game time and time again, most notably losing to their bitter rival Ohio State every year until finally breaking through this year. However, they did drop a game to in-state rival Michigan State yet again. There are lots of young innovative coaching candidates, many of whom are African-American, who deserve a chance at being a head coach before we hit the recycle button on Jim Harbaugh

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