Important food facts

The Olive Garden is not real Italian food;
Red Lobster is not real seafood;
Golden Krust is not real Jamaican food;
Almost every corner Chinese take out place is not real Chinese food, ever notice the food they’re eating in the back is never on the menu;
Just because it’s called a fish filet doesn’t mean it’s fish:
The McRib is tasty as all out but come on it’s not really a rib;
If it’s not breakfast, never order anything but a burger and fries from a diner;
If busloads of tourists eat there now, the Soul Food has probably lost its soul;
If you can get it off the dollar menu you probably shouldn’t be eating if;
IHOP is totally inferior to the Waffle House.
Blimpies (remember them) was always better than Subway
And one bonus for you White Castle secretly makes the best fast food breakfast bar none

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