A colorless existence? Not me

You know they’re out there doubting you, laughing at your failures, talking about you behind you’re back while smiling in your face. But no matter how much they doubt you, you keep moving forward in the pursuit of your dreams. The funny thing is none of them ever dared to step off the cliff and believe they could fly. They long ago discarded their childhood’s colorful dreams instead choosing to live a colorless existence as an adult. From afar, many of them appear happy. They have a good job, house, and car, but the truth is that deep down, they despise their day to day life. They periodically think back to those childhood dreams and wonder what if, as they say in Star Trek, bodily went in the direction of those dreams. But you’re not one of them. You see your life as a blank canvass waiting for you to splash those colorful childhood dreams on to it and do what makes you happy. You work hard to achieve that happiness because you know that your dreams don’t merely manifest themselves out of thin air; you believe in yourself and are not afraid to step off that cliff, and when you fly, you know you’ll never have to wonder what if.

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