Why Do The Humans Hate Each Other?

Alien #1: Looking at the humans again?

Alien #2: Of course, they have always puzzled me.They are
simultaneously remarkable yet an unadvanced civilization.

Alien #1: I concur they are blessed with such vivid
imaginations and curiosity and they have come so far in such a short period of

Alien #2: Indeed one can only imagine what they would be capable of if they
only realized the obvious.

Alien #1: That they are one people?

Alien #2: Of course

Alien #1: What is remarkable is that their history has shown time and time
again the error of their ways yet they refuse to work together for the
betterment of their world.

Alien #2: True, they choose to kill and oppress each other from what what I
can best guess are imaginary lines they themselves have drawn in the ground,
religious belief systems they themselves have invented, the amount of melonin
in their skinand a host of other nonsensical things.

Alien #1: Do not try and make sense of it as it it has always been their
way. Frankly I am amazed they have advanced this far. It is unfornutate and
there is no denying that in time it will be their downfall.

Alien #2: Such a waste but on the bright side this beautiful ball they
reside on is rather unique and breath taking and their actions will undoubtly
leave it vacant and move in ready.

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