The Devil – The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz


Racial Injustice




The powerful turning a blind eye to the plight of the weak

The rich profiting off the poor

We are living in troubled times, and Satan is hard at work. He never sleeps, He is the hardest working man in show business. Taunting us. Asking us where our Lord has gone? Why has he forsaken us? He sees this as an opportunity to swoop in and get many of us to abandon our faith and switch teams.

I know because, like so many, he has tried to shake my faith. He is a master at tempting us with solutions that appear to solve our problems, but those solutions come with a hefty price. Yet, when tempted in times of trouble, it is not easy to turn away from temptation, to let go of our worry and sorrow and believe that God has us. To remember that we are His children, and He loves us so much He gave us his son so that in his death, Jesus would set us free from eternal death. To be a seed sown for the harvest of our souls for all eternity so we could be redeemed into the family of God.

Many of us forget that no matter what we are going through at the moment, it is nothing compared to the abundance of blessings that the Lord has waiting for us. The devil knows this as well, he knows he can tempt us, make us question our faith, but he also knows that he will never, not even on his best day, have the power to shower us with the blessings that the Lord will rain down on us if we keep the faith and stay the course. 

That’s why he’s out here with his nose in everything, working so hard to nurture the evil and doubt with-in us, to take us off our path home where the Lord awaits us. In times like this, He is especially active, looking to take advantage of the loneliness and sorrow many of us may be experiencing, having suffered through the loss of a loved one or challenging times we may be going through.

But stay strong, we must. Lean on our faith and laugh at the tricks he tries to get us to question our faith. Have faith that the Lord is still walking with us. So tell the devil that he can move on and look for another soul to try and turn because he is wasting his time trying to turn yours because your soul knows that God has you, and that’s all you need.

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