Alien Takeover

Alien: Did you believe that the Earth is yours to do as you want with it? Do you think that we cannot claim it? Why? Because you are already here? Does not your own history show otherwise? What would you call colonialism? Is it not a foreign government or people seeking to expand into and assert their control over other people or territories? Have not your colonizers imposed their religion, economics, and medical practices on those territories’ indigenous people? Have you not expanded into areas where different animal species have thrived for years and hunted them into extinction in some cases for no other reason than sport? Is it not true that you feel you are justified in doing so because you thought of yourself as possessing the superior intellect? I would think that when compared to your history, you would appreciate the Association of Developed Planets takeover of your world. It is, after all, in your best interest. You have chosen to ignore the multiple warnings from your planet that you are doing irreversible damage to it, and you do so with little or no regard. You have chosen to overhunt what you deem to be lesser species rather than looking to create an equilibrium with them. As a result, you have destroyed multiple ecosystems. Our takeover will bring a halt to these and many of your destructive practices. We are saving you. We do this not from some feelings of love but because we think the Earth is a beautiful planet blessed with a plethora of natural resources that we can exploit. There are those among us who believe that despite your flaws, you are an intriguing species.

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