Incompetence, Lies, Apathy… This is no way to run a country. Vote!

It is far easier to hide behind lies and cry that you are being targeted by conspiracies, the deep state, fake news, etc. then it is to actually roll up your sleeves, immerse yourself in your job, and obtain the knowledge needed to govern correctly.  Unfortunately, Americans have a President who has chosen the easy path and as a result 160,000 Americans have died, hundreds of thousands more have fallen ill, and millions have been laid off because of the COVID 19 virus.  You would have been hard pressed to believe 4 years ago that America would be so unprepared for this national health emergency, but it would have been almost unbelievable that in the 6 months since this pandemic exploded there has not even been an effort to establish a national plan devised to combat it.  Rather we have a President willing not to give this the urgency it requires to bolster his own re-election.

His dismissal of science and narcissistic belief in himself and his abilities fuel a delusional arrogance where he has consciously separated himself from the pain and suffering Americans are suffering through. His unwillingness to accept feedback from medical professionals is nothing short of governmental malfeasance.  Sadly, his mishandling of the COVID 19 pandemic is not where it stops with this President.  There are so many aspects of his morally repugnant failed presidency that I could write about for days but his fanning the flames of  racism, his blatant disrespect for cultures, races, ethnic groups, religious groups, genders and anything that looks, acts and sound different than him is the most shameful of his actions as President of a country which has been built on its diversity and it should disqualify him from the prominent seat he holds today, as you cannot govern, reach, motivate, or lead the diverse people of this country if you can’t relate to their needs.

In addition to all these failures his continual need to suppress freedom of speech by lashing out at a press that holds his words, and actions accountable is unconscionable at best and un-American at worst. Individuals as far back as the founding fathers understood this when they saw to it the press be protected, understanding that when we allow any individual to purposely undermine the integrity of the press in order to bolster their own agenda we risk losing our democracy to the hands of tyranny.  Americans have a right to expect more. We have allowed certain cable news networks to profit by echoing and spreading his lies and misinformation.  Dictating the mindset of a segment of society.  COVID-19 is nothing but the flu, COVID-19 is a hoax, there is no need to wear a mask, Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization looking to destroy our way of life, etc.  In the Matrix the Merovingian asked; Do you know why?  It is a question that can be asked of much of his base.  Do you know why you believe COVID-19 is a hoax? Why wearing a mask is unnecessary? Why Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization? They would likely answer, because they just know it, or it is there constitutional right not to wear a mask. But as the Merovingian said they think they know, or they think it is their constitutional right, but they do not know. They believe and do these things because they were told to believe and do so. Trump told them to and FOX news repeated it and they obeyed.  They turn a blind eye to the truth, presidential incompetence and even some of their own core beliefs because they have been told to.

But on November 3, 2020 we as Americans can begin to put a stop to this self-destructive behavior by remembering it not politicians who were meant to govern this country.  It is not a news network that is meant to make our decisions for us.  It is the will of the people and the people face real issues and need real leaders with real answers working together to solve those issues. We as Americans can no longer allow the ego of one man destroy our democracy from with-in. We can no longer allow one man to destroy our worldwide reputation as a world leader. We as Americans cannot afford to support failure just to proclaim “our” side won, because our blind support for anyone almost ensures that in the end, we all lose.


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