It’s Time for America to Overcome

I have seen many people today, including African Americans, denouncing the protests/riots in Minneapolis, especially the looting of the Target. While I am a proponent of non-violence, it is rather difficult to expect that after centuries of oppression and the senseless killing of our people African Americans are expected to continue to march and sing we shall overcome peacefully.
Will we overcome?
We already have overcome:
Our culture being stripped from us
The loss of our ancestral history.
Jim Crow
We are still battling.
Economic injustice
Social injustice, but we have not let it destroy us as a people.
Now is the time for America to overcome its
Racism and Bigotry
Only then will America be the country it gave lip service to when it was founded. One where all people are created equal.
Even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. understood there was a time when a peaceful, non-violent protest was not always going to bring about the necessary change.


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