Do You Remember?

Michael Jackson famously asked in one of his songs do you remember? I wonder do you remember the night we first met? It was the end of the year office party, and it was crowded as usual. Everyone looked forward to the year-end party; it was the perfect excuse to let off a little steam after another year of 12-hour workdays and never-ending deadlines. Plus, the year-end party was when the company usually announced what our bonuses were going to be. This being a good year financially, all our spirits were high with anticipation that our bonuses would be as well. All around the room, the usual party small talk, office gossip, laughing, and smiling was going on, and in a corner with several others, there you were. I knew who you were, I had seen you around, but I didn’t know you. I had been taken with your beauty for a while now. But it wasn’t just your beauty that drew me to you; your reputation as being one of the brightest of the bright and a fighter who was unafraid to think big and push the company to do the same was sexy as hell to me. What was a little confusing tough was just how modest you appeared to be. I mean, let’s be real beautiful people know they’re beautiful. smart people know they’re smart, and you’re both, but it did seem like you didn’t know it.  You couldn’t have been more than twenty feet away from me, but it may as well have been twenty miles. I’ll admit it; despite appearing to be modest, you intimidated me. Then you looked across the room right at me, and I could swear you smiled, not a huge smile, just a quick little one as if you meant only for me to notice it. As the night went on, I couldn’t get that little smile out of my head. I looked around the room and found you, surprising all alone; here’s my chance, I thought. I summoned all my courage and headed over to introduce myself to you. Be cool, be confident, be self-assured, I said to myself. I’m no slouch; I’m a pretty good catch myself, you couldn’t just brush me off. Could you? So, it was with an air of confidence that I approached you, but let’s be real, that was just on the outside on the inside, I was shaking like a child on their first day of preschool after saying goodbye to their mother. The walk over to you seemed to take forever, but as I got near, you suddenly turned in my direction, and there it was again, the little smile from earlier that evening. Before I could say a word, you said hello, and our eyes met. That first look into your eyes settled my nerves; it was like I had known you all my life. We spend the rest of the evening talking and laughing, and every so often, you would look directly into my eyes and flash that little smile, and I knew for sure now that little smile was meant only for me. My whole life, I had been looking for someone like you, someone who I would know immediately was my soulmate, and that evening I found that person in you.

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