Conversation With My Heart

You do know that the road back is always longer.

I know what you’re thinking.

That I’ve been hurt one time to many.

I know you have questions

Why risk it again?
Why believe in love again?

I know you wonder

Do I have anything left of myself to give or is it that I’m just too afraid to give again.

I know the fear is real

I don’t want to be hurt again.
I don’t want to lose it all again.

I know every one of those questions and concerns are valid, but unfortunately in love it’s never easy and the road back is always longer. But if you still believe in love, and love is the most powerful emotion in the universe, no matter how long the road is you’re going to have travel it again.

Now I’ve got just one question for you. Since I am pretty sure that you already know behind that wall you’re hiding how you feel about them, is it worth traveling down that road and putting yourself on the line one more time?Picture1


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