You saved my heart

The sun streams through the blinds, it’s Sunday morning and it’s only 7:00 am, yet here I lay next to you wide awake. I look over and wonder if you know? if you have any clue? That it was you that saved my heart?

Before I met you, I had given up on love. Swore to myself that I would never allow anyone to make me feel the way I felt when she broke my heart. Shattered it into a million little pieces really, and I thought I would never be able to put it back together. Then you walked into my life, your smile a wrecking ball to the wall of bitterness I had built around my heart. I knew you were special, but I was still scared of being hurt and you seemingly sensed my apprehension, but it never deterred you, you simply let each moment be its own and as time went by brick by brick my wall started to crumble. Then one day my heart, that you had been putting back together from that very first smile, opened wide and your love came flooding in.

Now thanks to you I know love again. But it is a love reserved only for you, because you brought me back, you saved my heart.

Good morning my Sweet love


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