Hi there Earth here

Hi there Earth here and I just wanted to remind you that I’ve been around 4.5 billion years. That’s a long time right? I was here when there was no oceans and no moon, and I have survived numerous asteroid impacts and ice ages. You on the other hand have been around only about 200,00 years and are nothing more than a child, infant really to me. Yet despite your youth I must admit you are the most intelligent species to ever set foot upon my surface.

Alas, your arrogance supersedes your intelligence. As your intelligence grows your respect for me lessens. You look at only what I can provide you with todayPicture4 with no regard as to what I may hold for your future. As a species you are more concerned with amassing wealth then doing what is right for my health.

I have tried to warn you sending you sign after sign that your actions are heating me up, polluting my oceans and air and destroying my forests, yet you refuse to listen. But that’s alright, because I am resilient, and I will adapt, and while me and my little brother, the moon, will continue to circle our pal the sun for billions of years to come. You unfortunately are not as resilient and will cease to exist. You will go the way of the dinosaur, who I was sad to see go as they had a much greater respect for me, and like that great species your demise will be a mystery for whoever or whatever takes your place.

It’s sad really you were so promising, but you were also too self-important and quite frankly not smart enough to heed my cries and soon it will be too late.


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