First Love…25 Years Later

I looked across the train, and there you were, head down reading a book, an actual book, no iPad or kindle but a real book with actual pages. A little more mature, but you were just as beautiful as you were 25 years ago when I first saw you in that bodega. I wanted to walk over and say hello, but my feet wouldn’t move for some reason. Maybe I just wanted to remember you as you were, didn’t want to hear about a husband or children, just wanted to remember when it was just you and me. Sure, there have been others after you, some just passing through some who I thought I loved, but they say hindsight is 20/20, and in hindsight, there was never really anyone like you. We were young, maybe too young, we didn’t have much, we didn’t even talk the same language, but somehow, we made it work. Our love lasted only a few years, but true love has no clock, and it burned bright, but then, just like so many bright stars, it exploded into a supernova. With one last kiss, you looked at me and said, I love you, but we both know we can’t be together, and just like that, you were gone, never to be seen again, I thought. But there you were today, and while deep down I hope you found love, I know whoever it is they could never love you the way I did. After all, you will always be my first and one true love.

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