Who Are Women?

Who are women?

From this one man’s point of view women are many things as we go through life but two stand out.

They are our Mothers

The first person we fell in love with as a baby.
The person who picked us up, when we fell
The person who wiped our tears when we were hurt and then gave us that hug that made us feel better any band aid ever could.
The person who talked us through that time our first crush broke our heart.

They are Our Best Friends, Our Partners and Our Lovers

The person who inspired us to reach for greater heights
The person who with their first kiss captured our heart
The person who held our hand and told us it will be alright in times of doubt
The person who stood beside and believed in us when no one else would
The person who makes our house our home

Women are our rock from birth till death.
That’s who women are
Thank goodness for Women

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