The Heart Knows No Time

The heart knows no concept of time, for the heart time, is nothing more than a meaningless concept, a human-made measure. It is why the heart of someone who has known love but for a brief period can be broken just as easily and hurt just as much as that of someone who has loved for an extended time. The heart never asks how long it has been? The heart only knows that it feels the way it does when that special someone walks in the room, smiles at you, holds your hand, looks into your eyes, and says they love you. It does not matter to the heart if they have known that person for two months, two years, or two decades; it only knows that person makes it feel a way no one else does. Others may ask how you could be so hurt; after all, you only were only with them but for a second, and your brain may struggle with that question, but the heart knows. Your heart needs to heal from the loss of that special person does not equate like some mathematical equation to the amount of time you were with them. Yes, you will get stronger as the days go by, and yes, you will learn to let go. You will come to a point where you will allow yourself to look back and smile at all the good times you shared without being sad that they are no more. You will embrace the truth, that you will never truly forget them because the heart truly never forgets. But your heart will heal in its own time, and then and only then will you be able to open it up to love again.

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